When a pregnancy happens and it’s nothing you plan to do in a short time, then you have three options during the first few weeks after conception: carry the baby and keep it yourself, carry the baby and give it up for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy. If the last route is your preference, you now have narrowed your choices down to determining which type abortion is best for you.

Two Safe and Effective Abortion Options When You Are Less Than 12 Weeks Pregnant

Whichever method you choose, these alternatives to surgical abortions are safe and effective.

Say you want an abortion at 3 weeks pregnant, many doctors will advise you to wait until you are 5 weeks along to have the procedure performed, though others will implement it earlier. You do not have to choose a surgical option; in fact it is recommended that you select one of the other two possibilities which are simple procedures performed in the clinic or physician’s office. One is the aspiration method and the other uses a medication known as the abortion pill. These two methods are safer and do not involve cutting or require full anesthesia.

The Aspiration Method

This abortion method is probably the simplest, quickest of the two procedures available at this stage of pregnancy. It takes place all in one visit to the office and only takes about as long as your annual exam to perform. This method can be done either by hand using a tool somewhat like a large syringe or by machine vacuum. Both methods involve using suction to remove the tissue from the uterus. There are little side effects and you may return to your normal activities right away. This method is considered 98-99% effective.

The Abortion Pill

Again, you’re at early pregnancy, like you are 3 weeks pregnant, and want an abortion. You may choose the abortion pill, also known as mifeprex, mifepristone, RU486, or medication abortion. The abortion pill is a two-step process and is suitable for women up to 7 weeks pregnant. The medication has been approved by FDA and allows you the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy in the privacy of your home.

For the first step of this procedure you will visit your doctor’s office. You will be given a pill of mifepristone to take while you are at the office and be sent home with misoprostol to use within the next 24-48 hours. This second medication causes uterine cramping and the pregnancy will be expelled.

This procedure causes severe cramping and women may pass clots of various sizes. If you have anemia or other bleeding disorders, this may not be the best option for you. The abortion pill is effective 97-98% of the time. You can expect to bleed for 9-16 days after the procedure is complete.

Some women prefer this method because it feels more like a “natural” miscarriage while others opt for it because they want to be in private when their fetus is aborted. This is also a way to stop pregnancy if you are wondering how to stop pregnancy after 1 week.

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  • elisaJan.1 07:12
    we had sex last november 21 and im not yet taking pills that day.but he cum inside me and the next day November 22,I start taking pills. until this december 13.but suddenly I never had my menstrual period that usually occurs when I already consumed all 21 pills.so i decided to take a pregnancy test twice, last december 28 and 30.both are positive.but my question is when did my pregnancy starts? i dont know how many weeks my baby is?is this start after december 13? and how can I abort this.. please answer..
  • BenedictaNov.8 05:26
    I just finished menstruation on 29october and have sex on 4november can I get pregnant
  • niranjanaOct.21 05:03
    I'm only 17 yrs old.& I have done early marriage.I have more than 2weeks of pregnancy but don't want baby now how can I do abortion
  • anjalipriyaOct.19 12:03
    Hi I am priya.I am 3weeks pregnant which was unplanned. Now I had confusion if I will abort the child. Will it affect my future baby?
  • MisseySep.21 16:35
    I'm not to sure if I'm pregnant but it's been two weeks.. going on 3 weeks but I'm just not ready for this at all.. I heard you can do safe home abortions with black tea.. is that true guys ?
  • AprilSep.13 07:47
    Hi. I think I am pregnant. I just had my menstruation last aug.27 until sept. 01 Would you think I will get pregnant since I had sex sept. 02. Please I need your point of view with this.
  • SusanJul.4 04:15
    I pray that you all turn away from aborting (stopping) your fetuses (young ones). If you can't raise your baby then give them up for adoption. You can choose the adoptive parents. May God bless you, keep you & guide you & protect you & your babies
  • RitaJul.1 15:38
    hello.I did an abortion and its exactly 3weeks today and am still bleeding/spotting is it normal?
  • MelanieJun.24 07:35
    please help me.. what will i do im not ready 10 days delayed i think im pregnant... suggest what good for me to terminate thos situation, im here in hongkong and i dont know what kind of pills i take,,,
  • TiffanyJun.2 16:59
    Ok so I am writing this because I am at a loss of what to do. So I have two amazing beautiful children one girl and one boy ages 7 and 4. We have been threw hell and back and things are finally going great. I have been single for a while and just started a new relation ship about one month ago. Things were going great my children love him. I am just not ready to settle down at this time. I want to give my children everything they need and want I love being a single mom and not having anyone else answer to. My son can be a handful at time and is being evaluated and my new boyfriend can be a little excessive with him. I just found out I am pregnant again. I should be about two or 3 weeks but I feel it's not fair for my kids now to put this on them. And now I am second guessing this relation ship. I understand it takes two. So just as much my fault and I should have thought about my kids more. I know there are so many couples that want children so badly and they can't so an abortion makes me sick to think about but I feel as if I will let my children down.and fact is I'm just in no place to bring another life into this world at this time. Again I know there are so many out there who who want a child so if I could just transfer this to someone I would. Any advice I would appreciate it so much.
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