Love is a complicated thing to define. Poets, philosophers and scientists have tried to define it for millennia. Love can make us feel everything from happy, excited and hopeful to miserable, jealous and restless. The best kind of love is the love that allows you to be yourself while also providing encouragement to better yourself. Love can be inexplicable. It is however, a universal concept and these amazing love quotes prove that some core things about love stay the same, everywhere.

20 Quotes about Amazing Love


Insomnia and love seem to have had an eternal relationship; the thoughts of our beloved keep us up.


If anything could ever capture the concept of infinity, it is love since love never seems to run out.


Perhaps love is best described as the craving of another’s affection. 


Love can be difficult, but it is our only chance at real happiness. The inability to love can numb the ability experience joy.


Love does not always have to be about possession; it can be a strong tie between two souls and not much else.


Human beings are inherently flawed and being loved help us live with our own imperfections.


Even though love can be heart-wrenching, the experience is worth having since it is quite incomparable.


It is a waste of our own potential to love somebody who does not appreciate or admire us.


Perhaps our soul mates are the people we fall in love with because they seem to intuitively understand us, without any reasons or explanations.


Love makes us selfless and makes us care about someone else more than ourselves.


Love may seem spontaneous and it can be, but long-lasting love needs to be worked on and reaffirmed as often as possible.


Why do we fall in love? No one knows for certain and perhaps, no one is meant to.


We usually see separation as a bad thing: a time of sadness and loneliness; but separation can test our love and in the end, make the love stronger.


Love is about choice; falling in love is easy, being in love depends on the choice to love constantly and consistently.


Love can be generalized into a few non-specific sentences but the feeling can never be sufficiently describes to convey it exactly.


Poetry’s biggest inspiration is love and perhaps it is the best at describing the abstraction of this feeling.


True love feels safe and comfortable and maybe when we find someone we can completely be ourselves with, we feel ourselves falling in love.


But then again, love is subjective so maybe it is not as simply defined.


Perhaps, in matters of love, sometimes we think too much; maybe love is enough unto itself without any explanations.


One of the best amazing love quotes that conclude the essence of love.


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