Auditory hallucinations refer to experiencing hallucinations that make you believe that someone is talking to you. If you often hear voices calling your name or speaking to you, but you are unable to find any real person speaking to you, then you are a victim of auditory hallucinations. Around 70% of the victims of schizophrenia as well as 15% of people suffering from depression, mania and mood disorders experience auditory hallucinations. Continue reading to find out more about auditory hallucination, its causes and the ways you can deal with this problem.

What Is Auditory Hallucinations?

Auditory hallucination, also known as one kind of paracusia wherein the victim perceives sounds without any auditory stimulus. You are able to hear one or even multiple talking voices in this condition. It is normally caused by psychotic disorders like mania or schizophrenia and is an important symptom of these problems. However, victims of auditory hallucinations can hear voices even if they aren’t suffering from any mental illness.

Hearing different talking voices is divided into 3 major categories: hearing any voice that is speaking your thoughts, hearing just one or multiple voice fighting and arguing with one another, and hearing voices that narrate your actions. However, these categories don’t encompass all the kinds of auditory hallucinations.

Other kinds of paracusia include the musical ear syndrome and exploding hear syndrome. In the former, you hear one or many musical tones and songs playing in your mind. Research suggests that listening to music for long period of time can result in musical ear syndrome. It can also be a result of lesions developing on your brain stem, tumors, abscesses, epileptic activity, encephalitis, hearing loss and sleep disorders like narcolepsy.

What Causes Auditory Hallucination?

Take a look at the most common auditory hallucinations cause listed below:

Brain-Related Factors

If you have experienced brain damage due to any medical condition or accident, it could result in auditory hallucination. Mostly, people who have experienced severe accidents report hearing spiritual and holy voices.

Also, many people hear different voices right after they go to sleep, or when they just wake up from a dream. This too, has a connection with different parts of your brain. The brain waves alter to a slower range of theta when you sleep and results in the occurrence of random dreams. Many people who hear voices during their dreams hear people calling out their name.


Bully or Abuse

Often, people who are bullied in their childhood end up having mental issues like anxiety, insecurities and depression, which consequently results in auditory hallucinations anxiety. Mostly, children without any siblings and suffered from bullying are prone to auditory hallucinations as they don’t have the essential coping mechanism to handle bullying.

Moreover, physical and sexual abuse can result in this problem as well. If you were abused at a tender age, then you are likely to hear numerous voices later on. You can hear your abuser’s voice as well and you won’t be able to control it.


Mental Stress

Stress is also one of the auditory hallucinations causes. Huge amounts of stress accumulated over a long time period can make you hear voices in your head. Besides, loss of a loved one can also trigger auditory hallucinations anxiety. Some people find auditory hallucinations as a way to cope with this loss during the initial bereavement days. Moreover, isolation can activate this problem too. When you become isolated from people for a long time period, you begin hearing different voices. This is commonly experienced by sailors and castaways, and is a kind of compensation for their lack of social interaction.


Effect of Drugs

Different drugs can also affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, resulting in auditory hallucination. You can hear a voice after you take a drug, or when you withdraw from it. People suffering from Adderall-induced psychosis often go through paracusia.


Lack of Sleep

Not sleeping properly for a prolonged time can often induce hallucinations. Research suggests that intense sleep deprivation is associated with the neurons that compose the ‘I-function’ in your brain, which pressurizes the neurons and results in symptoms of psychosis such as auditory hallucinations.



Starvation result in a malnourished brain. When your brain burns out, it can't function well and can result in strange behavior such as auditory hallucinations.


Other Illness

Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, psychosis, major depression, dissociative identity disorder and bipolar disorder can make you hear threatening voices.

In addition to that, physical illnesses can also result in delirium that can make you disengage from your surroundings and result in


Moreover, post-traumatic stress disorder can also activate auditory hallucinations. Soldiers, victims of crimes and natural disasters often experience this issue.

How to Deal With Auditory Hallucination

If all the voices that you hear aren’t negative but positive, then usually, you don’t need to completely silence them and all you have to do is to learn to live with them. However, if those voices pressurize, threaten, swear or try to control you, then you must seek professional psychological help.

Antipsychotic Medications

Antipsychotic medications are mostly employed for treating auditory hallucinations. They affect the dopamine metabolism that fixes the problem. If you are diagnosed with mood disorders, then you will be prescribed with adjunctive medicines such as mood stabilizers or antidepressants.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for decreasing the intensity and frequency of paracusia. Enhances supportive therapy can also help fix this problem. You can also mix other behavioral therapies with CBT for treating your condition.


Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can help in reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia, depression and mania. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (RTMS) is a biological treatment procedure that can cure auditory hallucinations. It alters the neural activity of your brain and can be used along with antipsychotic medications for curing paracusia.



Reframing the voices you hear is a good technique of managing them. This is executed by bringing those voices to your conscious awareness, so you recognize that they aren’t real. Once, you become comfortable with these voices, you are able to decrease their intensity and frequency.


An Ongoing Research for You

Ongoing research studies have shown that around 14% of children experience auditory hallucinations without experiencing any paranoia or delusions. Hallucinations and talking voices they hear can affect their well-being.


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  • My hallucinations were negative to the core. when I was clam, they will make me mad. Then after they get me mad, then they forced me into deep depression (it sucked hard core). They made me mad by talk negative about me or friends and family. Then it is like they were able to hold you there in that state of mind almost all day. It was like they were trying to force me to be something else that wasn't me, and if the hallucinations wasn't making me mad or sad. They would talk about girls that was hot or not( pretty much any girl over 18). When I got tired of it. It got on my nerves. I think the hallucinations may have been around my whole life. they were never that evil or even evil at all. Why the hell did change from good and friendly, to bad and evil? Maybe it was change of environment and group. Life getting better thou through medications and therapy. From Joshua George Zaochney
  • I think I have auditory hallucinations because a lot of the times I hear a voice inside my head and I talk to it or I do it in my mind when around other people this is because I don't want people to think that I am crazy I might have schizophrenia but I was never told anyone any doctor that I have it I mostly keep it a secret to avoid getting locked up in a mental institution.
  • UnfabledAug.1 21:15
    The rest of these of these people in the comments are a bunch of witchhunters. How's this for irresponsible? All the peoples misdiagnosed and continuing to believe they cannot take of control an aspect of there life without constant medical attention. Mind you, it's not a medical practictioners job to take initial preventitive measures... that was on you. They treat you when things have gotten out of hand. Period. This is a great read.
  • LazerbunnyfuntimeApr.23 07:12
    A few years ago I had some very weird auditory hallucinations, it was complete freaking random screeching of non-sense. Constantly changing pitch from high to low and speed, it was a voice i guess but it wasn't coherent at all. I had dranken a few beers and smoked a bit of weed before this happend which may have caused it, but i wasn't drunk or very high and they persisted even after i started to sober up. They disappeared after i managed to fall asleep. Now whenever it's quite and i think i hear something I turn on some music or something to keep my brain from putting words to white noise.
  • DR. HamrixMar.6 00:02
    Hallucinations are not due to a spiritual cause, but rather a chemical imbalance. Whether this imbalance is due to genes or a bad experience during formative years, the result is the same. This is what keeps the Pharmas in business! I take Zoloft and Klonopin. And sometimes that isn't enough. Boom Boom ain't it great to be crazy?
  • Brenda Nelson Feb.24 18:26
    I too agree. Irresponsible and full of the usual delusions that left brain psychiatry is full of. The so-called rational minded "authorities" are very afraid of emotions and things they can't control. They are terrified of things they can't explain. The voices for many hearers are quite real external beings, albeit non physical ones. Indigenous people's called them demons. I think of them as demonic in behaviour bUT spiritual in origin. They have the same spiritual issues the hearer has and are brought together through the law of attraction to help each other deal with these issues....mainly the misconception that power is outside of the self.
  • Lyn HendersonFeb.2 10:18
    I agree that this article is irresponsible. Auditory hallucinations are NOT based if you start the day happy or otherwise. The hallucinations are real and to say 'just think them away' is just sad advice probably from someone who has never experienced this.
  • Lulit TakaJan.12 20:40
    This article is very very irresponsible. Telling people that if their hallucinations are "positive" they do not need to seek medical help boarders on the criminal. Very dire conditions can cause perfectly benign seeming hallucinations. The key word here is HALLUCINATIONS. If you have them seek medical attentions period. Alice you really have to stop giving medical advice since you are clearly not able to do so responsibly. Again, what is your medical training?
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