Bruce Lee is considered by many to be the most influential martial artist of all time. Lee was born in the Chinatown of San Francisco in 1940, but was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He was in several films as a child. At 18, he returned to the states and began teaching martial arts. In the 1970s, he was in several major films and was credited for changing the quality and popular view of Chinese martial art films.

Bruce Lee died at the prime of his life and career at 33 years of age in 1973, which has left much speculation and conspiracy theories about his death. There were differing opinions about the cause of Bruce Lee death, adding that to his age and past possibilities of mob contracts on his life. 

Truth of Bruce Lee's Death

There was a great deal of speculation at the time of Bruce Lee death, but it appears that he died from a reaction to Hashish he had gotten from Nepal in combination with a muscle relaxant that he took for an ongoing back problem and a prescription pain pill given to him from a friend. The Hashish was uncut and very toxic. 

Several weeks before, Lee had been admitted to the hospital with seizures and high temperature. The doctor believed the seizures were caused by the small amount of pure Hashish that he had chewed. Linda Emery Lee, his wife, confirmed that he did occasionally use small amounts of it to help relax. Because Lee’s weight was down significantly, and he had less than 1% body fat, this created further problems.  Fat in the body helps to absorb toxins, so they don't hit the vital organs all at once. Lee was warned to not use the Hashish again, or it could kill him.

Upon returning to the States, Lee saw physicians there and was given a clean bill of health. This may have given him a false sense of security about using Hashish again.

His symptoms just prior to death would be the common reactions to a Hashish reaction. Around the time of his death, he was nearly 20 pounds below his ideal weight. With so little body, any drugs could not be absorbed by excess fat to limit damage. There were some other problems with the release of findings since two countries' officials, and insurance companies were involved as well. Officials may have also been concerned that the young fans of Lee would begin to take the dangerous drug in order to emulate the man.

Top 5 Myths About Bruce Lee's Death

Myth 1: Killed by Chinese Triads

There are many who believe Lee had been dead for several months before his death was made public and that he was killed by the Chinese Triads since Lee had refused to pay money for protection.

Myth 2: Killed by Martial Arts Followers

In the 1970s, Chinese martial arts were not often taught outside of Chinese culture. Some believe Chinese martial art followers killed Lee for teaching outsiders their secrets and techniques.

Myth 3: Murdered by Italian Mafia

In Hong Kong, the most popular theory was that the Mafia murdered Lee since he would not go along with their plans for his future as an actor, writer, director and producer. 

Myth 4: Poisoned by Betty Ting

Some have put forth the theory that the Taiwanese actress and friend of Lee, Betty Ting, poisoned him on behalf of a Chinese Tong secret society. No one knows why they would want him dead.

Myth 5: Killed by a Prostitute

The theory here is that Lee had taken an aphrodisiac that was so powerful he became dangerous to the prostitute, and she killed him in self-defense. You might wonder how said hooker overpowered him.

Bruce Lee Death Curse Carried On

Brandon Lee, Bruce’s son, became an actor and built a successful career. He died in a bizarre filming accident while filming “The Crow” at the age of 28. His death sparked rumors and theories about there being a Lee family curse.


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  • Sarah GoodwichDec.3 17:39
    As Occam's Razor says, the simplest explanation is the most likely. Lee used very bad training-methods from the "no pain, no gain" school of junk-Sports Medicine, thinking this would "toughen him up;" and so he over-trained and injured his back from lifting too much weight and doing it poorly without professional instruction from actual lifters, but relying on his own ideas; and he used prescription painkillers to treat the injury, but either he didn't follow doctor's orders, or he had a bad reaction. As usual, every grain of truth gives rise to a thousand rumors as the world plays "telephone." Just like with the "real fights" he got into, which in reality were just low-level pissing matches, not secret "Bloodsport" matches that supposedly put pro boxing or MMA to shame.
  • star burstSep.2 04:08
    For protection of everyone - they expect you to read between the lines of the movie "Game of Death" and "Fists of Fury" how it led up to his death! Their way of spilling the truth ...
  • Truth finderAug.11 01:16
    He was murdered by the elite of that time because he was becoming to influential and his popularity made a lot of people feel threatened because he did as he pleased. Betty pei and raymond chow had a Hugh part to play in it but they won't the only player's in the cause of his death. If you study his death and his sons death carefully it will all fall into place for you. Both of them were murdered and the murders were covered up as everyone got paid to keep their mouths shut or they will die too. Bruce Lee was poisoned and brandon was shot so he doesn't investigate his father's death as he said he would do.
  • tony valenteJul.28 22:01
    Bruce was tired of Raymond Chow making all the Money and paying him 7.500 a film. Bruce said he was taking Hong Kong to Hollywood and fuck you. Bruce did drugs for his back pain, Chow had the dealers give Bruce the hot mix, and he died. Betty was used and known to be a dumb bitch. Linda, needed money and was pair of insurance fraud to get paid, she gave doctors and Bruce's butler a cut of the money to shut up. Traids are a major part of the movie industry. Ask jet li what happen to his bodyguard when he didn't sign at first.
  • Jonny RichardsonJul.13 01:12
    What about a fake death??
  • Madamme KalomboJun.27 19:08
    The death of bruce lee and his son is devastating. I don't understand the movie. Enter the Dragon and the one about death Its a coincidence
  • MarceloJun.22 09:25
    Bruce Lee's death remains a mystery that needs to be researched secretly and you come up with a conc sure info that the world will be surprised.
  • LindaMay.1 04:53
    I never heard about the hash, but I believe he was murdered, as was Brandon.
  • Enzo FerrarisApr.27 09:26
    Multitude of possibilities. But to backtrack from Brandon Lee's death: so many 'coincidences' piled upon 'coincidences' that it is conceivable that murder was involved .. such as 1/ mysterious stranger appears during the film shoot (how did he gain access, etc.) who says that he is a fan of film guns and asks to stick around. He vanishes after Brandon is shot and no one knows who he was. 2/ in the film The Crow, Brandon's character is killed with a sword in the exact position where the bullet in real life killed him; was this the infamous 'illuminati' in your face announcement 'we can kill anyone we want, and no one investigates (John Kennedy Jr. was definitely murdered; his plane had a bomb 3/ in Bruce's second film his character's teacher is murdered by poison; also in the end he is killed by bullets. Did this film give their enemies ideas? So back to Bruce: 1/ he was using a very dangerous electrical machine, which later killed a martial artist in Japan and it was taken off market. Witnesses said they could not stand the low voltage for a few seconds, yet Lee could crank it way up and use it for a long while. This in itself could fry the body's electrical circuits 2/ that issue of '1% body fat' ... well, I think that is not true, doubt if anyone could live with such a percentage 3/ Bruce's incredible physical and mental stress from his training. A pro boxer at least takes time off. Yet he trained like an Olympic swimmer, eight hours a day, with no vacations. Plus, he had his sweat glands removed, which is dangerous. And of course, during his first collapse his MD warned him he was in deadly danger from the hashish. Some say well that doctor was not a hash expert. But he saw first hand the toxicity of Lee's body; we could only hope that a thorough blood work could have been done ... for example, the recent death of Prince; as of today the medical examiners are still conducting the investigation. This is what should have been done with Bruce Lee. At the time, a Hong Kong detective had announced they were looking into it as a murder investigation, but that was soon shut up in the press. Also, Raymond Chow, according to Felix Dennis, had shut down all media inquiries, so that no one could interview any of Lee's family and friends (btw Dennis made his first fortune by being first on the scene with Lee bio and follow up fan mags). Triads? Well, for one thing, many triad bosses respected Lee. One boss even said they were friends; when he was asked if he wanted to friendly spar with Bruce, he said with a laugh, "No way, I would just be embarrassed!" And the street guys (triad) also thought the world of Bruce, as he treated them very well when they were extras in his films; at least one guy who challenged Lee was later found dead ... rumored to be killed by the triad fans of Lee, for disrespecting the master.
  • Sarah GoodmanDec.3 17:52
    @ : Wow, you conspiracy-freak sure do have big imaginations. You should write books, you're great at fiction.
  • AgaBalaMar.29 15:04
    Bullshit about hashis overdose or poisoning, to die from THC that hashis contains you must eat 400 kilos (except that there was no pure hashish or some mix inside it) . proven info by medicine.
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