The Zodiac sign, Capricorn, is the 10th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Saturn. Generally, people born under this sign are composed, efficient and hardworking. They are also very cautious in their dealings.

This sign stands for balance, stability and wisdom. Those who fall under the sign are popularly known as Goats. They are usually sensible, secure and sensitive. Impulsive decisions are a rarity for them but can be aggressive when they want something. However, all is not rosy as they also have their shortcomings. Below we look at some qualities of Capricorn men, both negative and positive as well as what romance is like with Capricorn man. 

Positive Capricorn Man Traits



A typical Capricorn man will take into account all facts and then apply their intelligence before they make a decision. This is one of their strongest traits.


Go Getters

Capricorns or Goats are self-assured, set big goals and do all they can to achieve them. They are usually driven by the fact that they want to secure their future and that of their family.



Capricorn men are unlikely to get carried away by fantasies. They are practical and sensible. Their friends more often than not seek advice from them and they usually have confidence in their judgment.



Due to their single-minded and no nonsense approach to their goals, Capricorns are very disciplined. They prioritize important matters and get serious when they are dealing with them. You are unlikely to find a Capricorn dealing with serious matters casually.



Though they are hell bent on achieving their goals, Capricorns will put in the work required for as long as it takes. They understand it takes time to build something worthwhile.



Capricorns are unlikely to do anything on impulse. They are always measured and seek stability over conquest. Anything that sounds unreasonably risky will be dismissed. 

Negative Capricorn Man Traits



Due to their goal-oriented nature, Capricorn men are also very pessimistic especially towards their achievements. They never feel like they have achieved enough. Since they are also very cautious, they tend to be skeptical about new opportunities.



Capricorns have the perception that their way is the right way. They have no room to accommodate opinions once their minds are made up. You either tow the line or hit the road.



Though Capricorns are good communicators, they tend to be somewhat shy. They take time to open up to strangers. 



When assessing a situation, they always put themselves first. How will it affect them? Will it be of benefit to them? This preoccupation with their welfare may seem somewhat selfish to others.



They take a long time before they get emotionally attached to someone. Usually, they will avoid opening up to people beyond a certain point.



Capricorns can be very unpredictable. One moment they might be the most endearing people and the other very grumpy. These erratic moods can make them somewhat difficult to be around.

Capricorn Man and Friendship

Capricorns are generally strong. They will always give a shoulder to cry on and some advice. They are always willing to formulate a plan of action to get someone back on their feet. For all this, they don’t expect anything in return. Friendship with a Capricorn is riddled with mystery and intrigue as they always have something cooking in their minds.

Capricorn Man and Business

Goats are predisposed to leadership and achievement. They are always looking to climb the corporate ladder and be the best. They are also good time managers and organizers. They are also good at laying down a good plan of action and executing. For this reasons, they tend to make great investment decisions and are always looking at the long term. They can make excellent entrepreneurs and managers.

Romance with Capricorn Man

Winning the Heart of a Capricorn Man

The key to winning the heart of a Capricorn man is for you to be perfect for them. You have to be a good housewife, mother and faithful spouse. The image you portray to others is very important to him. He is very sensitive to what those around him think about you. Your appearance, body and face will be the last consideration. Capricorn men are very shy and indecisive when dealing with women. You will have to be the initiator in order to win his heart. However, you need to be cautious in your approach. If you are too aggressive you will push them away, so you need to be tactful in your approach.

  • When communicating with a Capricorn man, you should avoid being arrogant and pushy. They prefer laid back and modest women. Revealing all your feelings and emotions will only push them away making your work even more difficult.

  • Be calm around him and throw in some compliments now and then. Capricorns love compliments though they are unlikely to admit it.

  • One way to really get them to take to you is to make them laugh since they are normally glum.

  • You can talk about anything but steer clear of prying into their emotions. Do not pry into their lives. They will let you in gradually.

  • You should also avoid controversial topics as they tend to be very conservative. Keep conversations intellectual.

  • If you want to buy them a gift, go with something practical and useful. Avoid anything that may seem extravagant and flashy. However, keep it classy. They always go for the best. 

Dating a Capricorn Man

If you are dating a Capricorn man, you can expect a lot of physicality and passion. They rarely show emotion, but yearn for love deep down. Goats are slow to trust, but you can earn their trust over time by showing them that you admire and care about them. Capricorns are faithful, almost to a fault. They are the most faithful zodiac sign. They are also very romantic and sensual. However, you will have to unlock this side of them as it is hidden. You must be very patient with them. On dates, they are likely to take offense if you are late. As for the venue, they would much rather go to an upscale theatre, art gallery or classy restaurant.


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  • SloaneDec.14 09:30
    Guys I need help so much!! I really like this boy and he is a Capricorn. I think he likes me too but he tells me that he never shows emotion and doesn't care about anything but I want to show him that I can treat him good but I think I may have pushed him away by telling him how I feel. I've tried to move on but I have never been so stuck on one boy. When we are together the physical part is great and sweet but apart from that he can't express any type of emotions.. what do I do????
  • SamDec.4 16:49
    Hi i'm a librian and my man is cap!! We been dating since 4 months now! He is great guy strong hardworking charming sellable all but problem is he is so occupied by his job he text once a day or sometimes non till 2-3 days !! I get super worried and freaked out.. he says he loves me a lot truely but his actions say otherwise.. i barely meet him once a month.. so much in love with him .. i tried to stay away from him but when i dont text him he just pops out of no where making me hard to leave.... i dont know wat to do!!!
  • PorchiaOct.23 09:59
    Some capricorn men do cheat so ypu cannot say their faithful becausw not all are. Ive known one since 2013 and slept with each other the first time 2016. Ww really like each other a lot and when we do see each other as different countries we have a great time. He is caring and would do anything for me. I knew he had a young child and thought he wasnt with the childs mother because we spent a lot of time together and he was living on his own. He is a policeman and stayed in the digs at the station. However cut a long story short I found out he is still with the babys mother and he told me they havent officially finush and that tbh his words he has not been home for months. I told him had I known he had a woman I wouldnt have got involved and we can onlt be friends and not the way we were before. He didnt like that and said to me is it that easy. It wasnt, as I do like him a lot but cannot still see him knowing he has a girlfriend. Altho we still talk He is now off with me and tells me im the one who said what I said like cooling it. So not all capricorn men are faithfull.
  • kiranSep.27 07:59
    From my experience ......Capricorn men are difficult to please, they want all from u without giving much. Their decisions are calculative be it business or personal. They are highly judgmental of character, gesture/behavior. Capricorns in general are good but not all Capricorn men are gentlemen. There are 12 signs and various houses hence some Capricorn can be caring & sensual while others might be totally callous. They need space for themselves but want others to attend to them immediately. They will not complain but hunt for the right person constantly. They are attracted to successful people, if they find one, they turn into charming chameleons. They don’t hesitate to boost themselves & even give false promises. In short women who are successful and patient can impress Capricorns, emotions doesn’t count much. SEX with Capricorn is not very sensual either; they just need to satisfy themselves.
  • YeezaSep.10 23:25
    I just recently got in a relationship with a cap guy. I'm a cancer. Things between us started very quickly we dated for maybe 3 weeks then after the first sexual experience we had which was amazing he asked me to be with him. Since then he's changed become a little distant. Idk if it's because I have a tendency to be clingy when I'm feeling insecure but he talks to me maybe once or twice a day and then I don't hear from him. I give him space but I feel as a man you should give your woman the attention she deserves to the best of your abilities. Maybe I'm giving too much early on. But I can't seem to trust him just yet because idk if he trusts me. I'm taking the steps to get to a point where we can progress but in the back of my mind I constantly wonder if I'm the only woman in his life he deals with romantically.
  • EMRLD6283Sep.7 05:42
    I have been seeing my Capricorn man for about a month now and I can't say enough about how wonderful he is. It is true that he has a dark and secretive side but he slowly opens up to me more and more. I AM a Gemini/Taurus cusp and have many traits from both signs. While it is sometimes difficult to let him take the lead, I have to say I love that he can and will make a decision and I get to just go along with it. I feel like I can trust him...he is my safe place...even though he does not see himself that way. He is very sensual in bed and it just keeps getting better. I am absolutely infatuated with the fact that he is very attentive and observant. His decisions are calculated and he keeps me grounded.
  • HannahSep.2 02:01
    I'm just beginning a relationship with a Capricorn man (I'm a Pisces woman) . Things are going surprisingly well (I'm used to Taurus's). He's head over heels for me. We did have sex on the first date which I was very hesitant in doing but things still went well. The sex was explosive. He's very aggressive in bed, lasts quite a while, and is acrobatic. (lol) He's really dominant too while I'm on the submissive side of things. I'm quite sure he's into bdsm. He likes smacking my butt, pulling hair, choking, biting is a favorite of his. In my mind I was like he's crazy what did I get myself into, but I liked it so I'll see how this goes. He had me in 5 positions our first time together for 2hrs I must say I slept quite well that night. But anyway outside of the explosive sex he's definitely a CEO loveesss business. He's a thoughtful gentleman..very traditional. The guy I'm dating is 25yrs old. He is popular with females but so far being out in the open I haven't had any complaints. He's very lovey likes to hold hands, public affection, stuff like that. I'd say he's a really great guy overall.
  • Su JAug.26 16:19
    My boyfriend is a Capricorn and I could not be happier. I guess I should mention that I myself am a goat. We get along great. He is the most caring and most loyal man I've ever had in my life. Definitely the most hardworking. I love him, he's absolutely perfect. Been together 3 years and planning to get married in 2018.
  • KoriJul.29 22:36
    I had a Capricorn man, he cheated on me. Very detached too, not a stoic kind but a cold kind. Worst ever.
  • Su JAug.26 16:32
    @ : Ladies, if you want to keep your Cappy man, you have to show your worth. Be sensitive, be confident, hardworking and in a way be "motherly". But above all, give him his space and TRUST him!
  • LeenaJul.1 08:30
    My Capricorn man isn't faithful and he just seems so distant and mean.
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