It is impossible to run out of words to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Time is short and regardless of the years spent holding hands and going on long walks, you will always want more. Isn’t this true? Of course it is! Remember those long drives back home? How you always wanted to say something but never did? Most people spend all their lives without saying how much they love someone. No matter what you do, you just cannot fully express your love for one another but we can help you get some closure. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most romantic, cute, long texts to send to your boyfriend.

It is often the case that men search the internet for cute long texts to send to their girlfriends. This is rarely the case for women. But why? Why should your man not receive the same love and affection that he showers on you? Change that by using these thoughtful and cute long texts to send to your boyfriend.

22 Cute Long Texts to Send to Your Boyfriend

There are 22 cute long texts to send to your boyfriend to make him happy, brighten his day and make your relationship sweeter.

1. When the air touches my skin, I imagine they are your kisses. When I feel the warmth of the morning light, I instantly remember your embraces.

2. Loving you comes to me as naturally as the rain falling, the sun shining and the flowers blooming.

3. Let these words be my eyes and this message my lips. I wish I were there to embrace you, wrap my arms around you. But I can’t, so I am sending you this loving message.

4. I miss you more every day and even though I am one day closer to the day we meet again, I miss you all the same.

5. You are the beat that makes my heart work and the music that makes my laughter come alive. You are the tears that fill my eyes. Love, you are my entire world.

6. Spending time with you is the most enjoyable thing ever. When I am with you, time flies in an instant but every waking second spent away from you is agony. I miss you and love you!

7. Thinking about you and how far apart we are, makes my heart skip a beat. How long must I suffer before seeing you again?

8. I will expect you to surprise me with a visit this long weekend and if you fail to deliver, I will find you and I will kick your butt. P.S. I love you.

9. I think you took the hands-off police too seriously when we fought.

10. You are my world. You are everything to me. I would be lost without you. You love me, care for me, make me feel good and there is no one better than you.

11. I love you. You make me feel like the only girl in your life. I hope this never changes.

12. You are simply the best thing that has and will ever happen to me. You treat me like any woman dreams of being treated. My knight in shining armor! I love you, honey!

13. I love you entirely with all my heart. Through thick and thin, we have been together and have fought for the survival of this relationship. I will always be there for you. I love you, baby!

14. I loved how we watched the sunset together. I think I am in love.

15. Baby, you are one of the hardest-working people that I know. I love that about you and I could not have asked for anyone better as my soul mate in this world.

16. I cannot believe it has been two years since we have been together. Through all the ups and downs of life, I still love you and cannot picture a life without you. You are my lover and best friend.

17. You do not realize how much I love you. You don’t realize how much of a positive effect you have had on my life. You are the greatest boyfriend I have ever had. Since I have been with you, I have always been smiling.

18. It is the little things that put a smile on my face. You are the reason I went back to love songs. I am immensely lucky to have met a guy like you. No woman can ask for anything better. I love you today and will love you till kingdom come.

19. If anyone tries to hit on me, flirt with me, message or text me, I will tell them that I am in the most loving relationship I have ever been in, and have an amazing boyfriend who I dearly love.

20. Baby, you are my inspiration. I cannot fathom what I would be like without you in my life. Take everything away from me and you will be the only thing that I desire. All that I have for you is unconditional love. You have always been the shoulder I cry on. You and me forever!

21. I know that when I am older, I will look back at the days when we used to argue about petty things and I will be happy, knowing that our love was stronger and bigger than those things. You need to know that I am thankful that you are in my life and that I will love you till the day I die. Unconditionally and without any end, I love you, baby!

22. I want to thank your unconditional and undivided love. Thank you for all the laughs and all the good times we spent together. Through thick and thin, you have been the sunshine in my life. I can’t stop thinking about you! You are everything to me! I love you!


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  • LinaNov.18 13:55
    Lina hi there! im also in a long distance relationship with him for almoat 6months now. all we did is text, send cute message every day, express how much we love each other, and last but its really important, TRUST EACH OTHER :) trustig each other helps relationship grow smoothly too :)
  • Tera WorbySep.18 06:28
    My husband and I have been together for 7 1/2 years. Well Thursday nite we had a stupid argument over money and stuff and Friday morning, he left me. I Dont Know What To Do! I can’t eat,I can’t sleep. I’m so lost. I’ve been divorced before but I initiated that one because he was abusive. But this time I don’t want it. Yes we fight a lot and he and I have both said things to each other that we both regret but I Still Love Him and don’t want him to divorce me. He says he still loves me and he says he misses me and my kids but he is done. How can I convince him that I will do what ever it takes to save our marriage since i contacted Dr. Ikhine via [email protected] everything has change and my problems was solve.
  • neknek24Sep.12 02:04
    @JoJo Aline hi there! im also in a long distance relationship with him for almoat 6months now. all we did is text, send cute message every day, express how much we love each other, and last but its really important, TRUST EACH OTHER :) trustig each other helps relationship grow smoothly too :)
  • JoJo AlineSep.2 13:27
    Hey, I have been in love for 2 months now. I love him more than I ever loved anyone or ever will. The issue is that we live very far from each either and I can't help the fact to know that I am not able to express everything I feel for him while not together. Van someone help me to know now to keep long distance relationship on? It hurts a lot every time I know I love him more.
  • some oneJul.24 02:32
    i love making myvbf happy when i send him cute texts!! its like the best feeling in thecworld to know i make him smile <3
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  • KassioJun.16 22:06
    meh i usually use an app called to send cute messages to my bf he loves it <3 bess him
  • samJul.25 00:35
    @ : You the best thing that has ever happened to me so far. The most kindest and most caring. You the best kisser, I mean it, like in the world. You hugs are so comforting that when you let go it as if a little hole forms in my heart because you not close to me anymore. I love your big ears and fuzzy eye brows?. I just adore how funny you are, they way you make me laugh so uncontrollably, it's the *third* most best feeling in the world. The way you kiss me, it's not even butterflies in my tummy anymore baby it's the whole fucking zoo???????? and that is the *second* best feeling in the world. The *first* best feeling in the world is when the words _I love you_ falls from those soft kissable lips of yours baby. And last but not least. You are my best friend, my boyfriend. Who means more than the world to me?.
  • loveFeb.27 20:52
    i love this topic
  • korean5949Nov.8 16:09
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  • NoooooFeb.21 23:21
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