Most of us have a nickname for a loved one. These nicknames symbolize the love and the affection that we have for someone close. Usually, nicknames are derived from a person’s real name, however, if it’s your girlfriend, you might want to go with something more romantic and sensual. 

For instance, you can call your girlfriend sunshine because she lightens up your life or call her peach because she is delightful. While selecting the cute names to call your girlfriend, keep the tips in mind, or your gesture of love could be misread. For each of the names that we have listed, a brief description has been added so you can choose a nickname for girlfriend according to their personality or something that you think best describes them. 

List of Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Doll- If she is as perfect as a doll in your eyes. 

  2. Queen- If she is the queen of your heart.

  3. Juliet- If she is the heroine to your tale. 

  4. Daisy- If she is delicate like a flower. 

  5. Happiness- If she is the reason of your happiness. 

  6. Kitten- If she is adorable like a kitten. 

  7. Boo- If you find her sexy. 

  8. Button- If she is cute as a button. 

  9. Angel- If you believe she is your guardian angel. 

  10. Magic- If she makes your life magical. 

  11. Pink- If she is girly. 

  12. Donut- For someone who is sweet and round. 

  13. Cuddles- As you love to cuddle with her. 

  14. Summer- As she brings light and brightness to your life. 

  15. Bub- For someone who is too adorable. 

  16. Gorgeous- This one is self-explanatory. 

  17. Lover-Girl – As she is the one you truly love. 

  18. Wifey- Someone you plan to make your future wife. 

  19. Honey- A classic rolls on the tongue. 

  20. Cinderella- As she is a princess in your eyes. 

  21. Hot-stuff- If she is irresistible. 

  22. Pretty lady- If she is gentle and delicate. 

  23. Sunshine- If she lights up your day. 

  24. Sweet-heart- If she is sweet and sincere. 

  25. Precious- If you consider her too valuable to lose. 

  26. Hot Mama – If you find her curvy and sexy. 

  27. Bright eyes- If her eyes are her best feature. 

  28. Cookie- If she is sweet as a cookie. 

  29. Love- If you feel nothing but love when you see her. 

  30. My All- If she means everything to you. 

  31. Lucky charm- If you believe that she brings you good luck. 

  32. Cutie-pie- If you find her cute and sweet. 

  33. Darling- As she is the dearest. 

  34. Dream-girl- As she is the girl of your dreams. 

  35. Lamb- If she is as adorable as a sweet little lamb. 

  36. Cupcake- If she is sweet and yummy. 

  37. Spring- If she adds color to your life.

  38. Lemon- If she adds something new and exciting to your life. 

  39. Pooh- If she is as loveable as Winnie the Pooh. 

  40. Rose- If she is as precious as a rose. 

  41. Hop- If she is fun-loving. 

  42. Joy- If she brings you joy. 

  43. Melody- If her voice is as melodious as a melody. 

  44. Sprinkles- She is colorful, fun and happy. 

  45. Cherry- She completes your life. 

  46. Babe- If she is sexy. 

  47. Snuggly- For someone you love to snuggle with. 

  48. Pumpkin- As she is bright and sweet. 

  49. Dove- As she is fragile and pure. 

  50. Peach- If you consider her cute and delightful.

Tips for choosing cute names to call your girlfriend

  • Make sure that your girlfriend approves of the nickname that you keep for her and is not irked by it.

  • You can derive a cute nickname for her from her real name, for example Sandra can be called Sandy. 

  • Make sure that you give her a nickname in accordance to the time you have spent together, for example, you should not call her wifey if your relationship is just two months old. 

  • Avoid calling her with a sexual nickname in public such as Hot stuff. 

  • Avoid picking names from TV shows and books. Giving her a nickname from a TV show will not make her feel special.


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  • RayMan2000Nov.30 06:29
    I need help. I'm in 10th grade and I got a girlfriend like a month ago and I still don't know what I should call her. She calls me babe but I don't know what to call her. Please help!!
  • LunaNov.26 21:30
    Some of these are kinda ridiculous. Such as.. Summer or daisy. Its like having a gf named rebbeca and calling her Stacy. It doesn't make sense. And if you have a nickname for your gf make sure its not to over baring. One last thing if she enjoys the nick name why be embarrassed. As to say it in public. My bf calls me sexy and even when we were in highschool he would shout it across the school yard to get my attention. Don't be embarrassed. Of your SO or they're nicknames if you dislike it then tell them.
  • Smithf226Nov.25 13:05
    There are some interesting closing dates on this article however acbdeeekafcaeefc
  • Ian Nov.24 04:43
    What do I call my gf if her name is Julia
  • sweggerNov.22 01:41
  • Amit Nov.20 03:11
    Well,although I didn't choose any of the name from your article ur article help me to give a name to my girl Frnd and she really liked it too. So thank u soo much for such articles.
  • CalebyteNov.11 06:19
    I call my girl "MY Soul Mate". She match my own Soul.
  • Smithe259Nov.9 04:18
    This actually answered my drawback, thank you! fefffdeedkededdc
  • VenomOct.10 17:23
    I call my girlfriend Holey Because her name is Holanda
  • I always call my girlfriend "Yam" which means "You are mine"
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