You have probably heard that smoking weed is bad for you and that you should never do it. But that’s not entirely true. In fact, the rise of medical marijuana in the United States makes it clear that there are good reasons for some people to turn to weed for medicinal purposes, especially those who are suffering the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, or patients who need something to help improve their appetite. But does smoking weed make you lose weight? Are there any other side effects of smoking weed? Read on to know more.

Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?

That’s a question that has been asked for as long as people have been smoking the herb, and now there might be some answers. Various health organizations are now releasing studies and some say that it is possible that weed could make you lose weight.

The Study of The American Journal of Epidemiology

This journal tackled the question: does weed make you lose weight? The answer might be surprising. The study found that 22% of Americans who did not use weed were obese, compared with 14% of those who did smoke it. Even when the rates were adjusted for other factors, such as sex, age and tobacco use, the results remained the same. What’s more, those who used marijuana had lower rates of diabetes. Ironically, smoking weed makes you hungrier, but it seems that there are chemicals in the weed that prevent you from gaining weight even if you are eating more.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

This study went further with the link between lower diabetes rates and smoking weed. One of the theories is that those who smoke marijuana have a higher metabolism than those who do not, leading their bodies to burn more calories. This means that even if they eat more, they are gaining less. Fasting insulin levels of those who use the herb on a regular basis were 16% lower than that of those who do not, and that could be linked to the lesser risk of diabetes later in life. Marijuana also seemed to boost good cholesterol levels and kept users slimmer.

So does smoking weed make you lose weight? The answer seems to be positive. But it is important to remember that these studies were not controlled, so there could be other factors at play for those who were losing weight while smoking cannabis.

Smoking Weed Still Stirs Up Arguments

Whether smoking weed can help lose weight still lack firm and conclusive evidence and opinions on this issue is still divided. Now let's see what others' stories and opinions:

“When I was 16, I started smoking pot. I weighed about 140 pounds. But 6 months later I had dropped to 120 pounds – that’s 20 pounds in 6 months! I didn’t do anything different other than smoking weed. But then I stopped doing it for a while, and my weight went right up to 160 pounds or so. Now I am back to smoking weed and losing weight every week. When you ask me, does smoking weed make you lose weight? I tell you it does!”

“It’s strange how weed works. It makes me very hungry and then I eat more, but I seem to lose weight even though I am eating everything in the house. My weight started at 156 and now I weigh about 150 and I have been doing this for a year now. But I'm not very satisfied. Simple dieting would make me lose much more weight.”

“The thin people I know who smoke pot tend to have other problems, like not enough money for good food. They aren’t losing weight because they smoke weed. They are losing weight because they are spending too much money on weed!”

Is It Safe to Smoke Weed?

The question "does smoking weed make you lose weight" is not answer clearly. But there is more and more researches tend to give a positive answer. Now here comes a bigger question: what other things smoking weed can do to your body.

Marijuana contains about 60 chemicals, all of which can cause some side effects. These might include increased appetite, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, trouble with concentration and memory, a fast heart rate and slower coordination. Those who want to use weed to lose weight should look carefully at all the side effects in order to decide if trying it is really worth it.


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  • david DeerDec.1 03:49
    7 months ago I started working at a place 3.3km from where I live. My only way of getting there was by foot, bike or long board (I refuse to pay for bussing or cabs) and i weight 133lbs. Within 3 months I gained 20 pounds, but I also started smoking weed around that point. Within 3 weeks I dropped down and still bounce around 130lbs again. The whole time I've only used those 3 options. I do a lot of repetitive lifting where I work so the original thought was increase of muscle mass... but that was ruled out after an almost immediate drop of my weight. And i eat a lot of food. Candy mostly. Unhealthy food is almost all i eat, and I'm the healthiest person I know.
  • DanOct.25 22:17
    People also need to keep in mind that the type of weed you buy determines your munchies. Some strains are good for helping your spirited while others make food seem revolting. make sure to always educate yourself on what your putting into your body :p Btw I smoke weed everyday and weigh 160 , I initially weighed 190. However I did work out and diet as well. Good luck peps
  • RaviOct.18 09:15
    I don't know what's the reason but it's true that smoking weed reduces your weight drastically. It's my personal experience with weed. So, if you are fat and wants to lose weight then use it and if you are already living ordinary life and can't afford much on diet then don't use it .
  • PgOct.17 20:18
    I was 220 when I started smoking and I drop to 170! When I stop smoking I gain all my weight back plus some I'm roughly 250;( I'm about to start back up to shreds these pounds
  • BlogAug.24 11:57
    I smoked weed for years was 62kg and then stopped for three years went up to 88kg I have been smoking for 6 months and am already down to 76kg. I am definitely not trying and only just realised it was happening when I went to the dr and had to be weighed. Definitely happens to me everytime!
  • VijayAug.18 10:57
    How many joints of weed makes me thin on daily basis... How many joints should I smoke daily to make me thin
  • FloreneJul.25 20:47
    I think the admin of this web site is truly working hard in favor of his web page, because here every data is quality based data.
  • Johana Jul.15 17:04
    I have Graves' disease (thyroid disease) I did radiation to get rid of my thyroid and now I also have hypothyroidism. Weight has been a huge battle in recent four years as though my metabolism broke one day. My energy was so low I took two naps per day. Lately my body aches everywhere and I got some Percocet from the ER. I ran out after three weeks and my body started hurting immediately. I hadn't smoked weed since I was 18, I am now 34 but I was desperate for pain relief. I got immediate relief my first time smoking as though the pain was numbed with just three pulls. That was two months ago. Since then my pain will come back if I don't smoke daily but another side effect is a ten pound weight loss. I have went to the gym and eaten salad for three months straight in the past to only lose two pounds. I smoke some weed and my pain is gone and metabolism and energy is now working again. I don't care what any doctor or government tells me about weed being bad they are lying.
  • Chris OMay.31 06:24
    I weighed 160 and months later 144 you have to know how to control your cravings. Over time you'll find your eating pattern while smoking pot. Sometimes eating a meal before smoking helps. I'm 22 and I can say smoking weed made me eat a lot in the beginning. As time passed I'd eat 1 big meal and a half meal before my day is over. I eat out everyday literally and over time since I've been smoking pot fast food has been my very last resource. It doesn't taste the same anymore in my opinion, so does snickers, honey buns and all the good stuff. I'm going to start working out and see if I can reach 135 pure muscle , I have a "baller belly" from eating takeout from average priced ($$) restaurants.
  • PasleyMay.3 08:02
    I just want to add in that another thing about smoking weed and eating is sometimes your body will depend on that high for you to even feel hungry. Another reason for people's weight loss . Butttttttt dabs and marijuana are amazing so yeah lol
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