It is normal to have both “bad” and “good” bacteria in your vagina. However, on occasion, there is an imbalance between the two and when this happens, an infection called bacterial vaginosis can occur. The overgrowth of “bad” bacteria causes an inflammation that can be identified by a white, foul-smelling and thick discharge from the vagina. Other symptoms include pain, redness, swelling and a burning sensation in the genitourinary tract.

Females ranging from late teens to mid-40 are the most susceptible to developing bacterial vaginosis. Specific activities like douching or smoking can increase the risk, but the actual cause of the infection is unknown. Luckily, there are several home remedies for bacterial vaginosis.

Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis

There are several options for bacterial vaginosis home treatment. By rebalancing the “good” and “bad” bacteria in the vagina and getting the overgrowth under control, you may be able to treat and eliminate the infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water, making it one of the safest natural disinfectants. By oxidizing the bad bacteria, it can help eliminate the infection thus eliminating the bacterial vaginosis. Mix equal parts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. You can administer the solution with a douche or by soaking a tampon in it and inserting it in your vagina for 20-30 minutes.



Yogurt is packed with good bacteria, particularly lactobacillus acidophilus. This bacterium is naturally present in a woman’s body and assists in treating infections in the vagina by reestablishing balance in bacteria levels. There are a couple of ways to use yogurt as home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. You can eat 8 ounces of yogurt each day, which will build up the “good” bacteria in your body. Also, you can opt to soak a tampon in yogurt for ten minutes and then inserting it into your vagina for two hours.


Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the reasons bacterial vaginosis develops is because of an imbalance in the pH levels of your vagina. Since apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic, it can assist in restoring the proper balance between “bad” and “good” bacteria in your body. Apple cider vinegar also has the ability to eliminate bad bacteria because it is antibacterial. You can add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to two cups of water and use the solution to douche once a day until your infection clears. You can also add ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to a bath and soak for about ½ hour.


Tree Tea Oil

Tea tree oil has several properties that can help eliminate bacterial vaginosis. It contains antifungal and antibacterial compounds, as well as a strong “mint-like” odor to help with the smell associated with the infection. If you want to use tea tree oil in your bath, add three drops of it along with three cups of white vinegar to a warm tub of water. Soak for about 30 minutes. You can also fill a small bowl with warm water and mix in a few drops of the oil. Use the mixture to rinse your vagina once a day until your infection clears.



Considered a natural antibiotic and as having antifungal properties, garlic can go a long way in helping treat bacterial vaginosis. You can insert a garlic clove wrapped in gauze into your vagina for ½ hour once a day. Also, you can eat raw garlic or garlic capsules on a daily basis to help eliminate your infection.



Fenugreek is often used to strengthen immune systems and can help balance the pH level of your vagina. It is known as one of many natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Fenugreek is administered orally. There are several ways to consume it. You can mix a teaspoon of fenugreek powder to one cup of yogurt and eat twice a day. If you prefer to drink a solution, you can add one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to a cup of water. Let the mixture steep for five minutes, strain and add honey to taste. Drink this tea up to 3 times daily.


Coconut Oil

Containing natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal compounds, coconut oil can help eliminate bacterial vaginosis and prevent it from coming back again. You can use coconut oil to cook and boost your body’s immune system. You can also soak a tampon in the coconut oil, insert it in your vagina and keep it there for two hours. Rinse area when done and repeat once a day till symptoms subside.


Other Home Remedies

  • Purchase vegetable juice that contains green vegetables, parsley, ginger and garlic. Drinking this juice can help reduce itching and pain caused by bacterial vaginosis.

  • Tracheal herb can be used to flush toxins from your body by drinking it as a tea. Steep 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water to relieve your symptoms.

  • Neem powder has antibacterial properties and can assist in removing bacteria from the vagina.

  • Black walnut tincture has antiseptic properties so you can use it to cure bacterial vaginosis.

  • If you eat citrus fruits or drink citrus juices, you can naturally boost your immune system. Grapefruits, lemons and oranges are full of vitamin C and can help you fight off infections.

When to See a Doctor

It is important to contact your doctor if you think you may have bacterial vaginosis and are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • A heavy, strong-smelling discharge that is white or gray in color and has a fish-like odor

  • Burning sensation when urinating

  • Itching around the vaginal opening or anywhere outside the vagina

  • Bacterial vaginosis usually does not cause any permanent problems, but there can be some serious risks if infected. These risks include:

  • Greater chance of contracting a HIV infection

  • Higher chance of passing an HIV infection to sexual partners

  • Increased chance of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea

  • Greater possibility of developing an infection after an abortion or hysterectomy

  • Increased chance of experiencing complications during pregnancy


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  • MssJan.4 22:57
    I get BV every time I get my period it sucks what can I do so It can stop
  • LoloNov.5 02:31
    Can u use more than one of these treatments at a time together or is that bad? Should I just stick to one method bc at this point I am doing the peroxide and coconut oil tampon ... thinking of using the yogurt tampon too as well as eating garlic ... I have had one a month for 8 months now if not more ever since I got my period back after having my twins and I'm tired of using the vaginal antibiotics ... I don't think it's good to use that much medicine plus I'm still breastfeeding but I'm desperate so I started putting a few of the remedies to use this time around but am wondering if it's overkill??
  • TerryOct.25 00:31
    Just a fyi ladies Especially Mary...if you have a health department in your area you should be able to see a Dr free of charge!
  • MaryOct.23 09:53
    I have been having a yellow/whitish discharge with a bad smell for a few months now.... sort of heavy. heavy enough to wear panty liners and a lot of perfume.. 19 yrs old. my boyfriend and i do have unprotected sex. i can't go to the doctor because i can't afford it... could this be bv? i'm very worried...
  • AilsaOct.21 06:18
    I have had BV for over two year, honestly, it is the worst thing. I tried both the home remedy and vaginal medication...neither worked. I was so frustrated. I came across the herbal medicine fuyan pill in a medical journal review. I have done this for almost three months and I'm discharge and smell free! It also balances out my ph, thanks go I'm able to find relief and I'd also recommend not suing any scented feminine soap for the vagina. Good luck ladies! I truly feel your pain.
  • Justine Oct.20 19:13
    Boric Acid Suppository Expensive if you get it prescribed and from the pharmacy bc it's a compound; but I believe you can make it yourself buy it OTC & put it into empty capsules
  • Anna PickleSep.21 21:33
    I am SUPER prone to BV...have been since my early 20s. I get it at least twice a year, sometimes even more. I'm married and don't have to worry about STD transfer but my husband and I don't use protection. This can also be a problem for woman who are prone to it. The continuous unprotected sex I believe plays a factor in the imbalance. I have yet to try any of these remedies but I am definitely going to try. I've never been able to use tampons but I want to try the peroxide remedy first because I always have it on hand. I wish there was a way you could really know exactly what causes it. That would make my life so much easier. I've even stopped wearing panties to make sure I get enough air flow at all times. This is by far an uncomfortable thing to have.
  • alexSep.16 08:52
    i want to try and understand what i possibly have, i dont have any discharge or itchiness but i do have a strong odor that will begin to smell strong at the end of the day. haven't had sex because i am embarrassed by the smell. i will try some of these remedies but am afraid to make things worse. somebody help!
  • ALPAug.15 02:00
    i tried all of the home remedies that i found online - apple cider vinegar douche, coconut oil, tea tree oil, food grade peroxide, alkaline water etc. these all help "take the edge off" b/c they are trying to get the vaginal pH levels back on track and kill off the bacteria. however, they did not solve the problem for me... in some instances, they minimized them for a short time or didnt work at all. what DID work was one of those old fashioned hot water bottle douches. i used a little epsom salt + mustard seed powder. the mustard seed powder is very effective for restoring pH levels so it makes the vaginal canal "unfit" for the bacteria to thrive. (i discovered this solution by accident b/c i use epsom salt and mustard seed in hot bath soaks to aid in muscle detoxification. i think the epsom salt helped wash off / slough away bacteria and clean out the lining, while the mustard seed powder eradicated the bacteria / infection. so far it is the only thing that has worked without turning to Rx meds. NOTE: i found that i have only contracted BV when i slept with a partner (not using protection) and he was a carrier.
  • DBAug.6 19:38
    Hi, get your hands on a 2nd prescription for flagyl and make your boyfriend take it. It worked for me after 2 years of battling this misery. They just keep giving it back to you otherwise.
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