Free Black Ops 3 Beta access code.

Unfortunately, the original method is out-dated but there is a new method. The video below will explain it to you how to get the blacks ops 3 free beta code.

How to Get Black Ops 3 Beta Code Free


Watch the Tutorial Video

Please watch the video first before you start this method. This method will show you how to get the Black Ops 3 Beta code for free without downloads or payment.


Get Necessary Information

The links or things you will need are listed below:

  • fake name generator

  • Amazon Italian 

  • italian address:

You will get the Italian address at fake name generator but please follow the video instruction which will tell you how to get the black ops 3 free beta code.

If you have any problems, please leave it in the comments below thanks and enjoy black ops 3 beta 


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  • LeroyNov.18 01:27
    Heeeeeeeeeey... video is down... anyone care to explain what I have to do?
  • Danny SummersNov.15 16:23
    cool thank you so much
  • hheeeSep.3 18:33
    is this illegal???
  • Pjotr van der MaasAug.29 21:32
    I didn't get the email in 24 hours did I do something wrong?
  • DACAug.29 00:22
    How is this not fraud?
  • OdissAug.27 18:45
    Free code to the first one to redeem it Xbox gave me 2 free to give away VHDC4-PJ6M7-PMFCV-72CGD-FKMQZ
  • cojeeAug.27 07:15
    Is the beta key included with the invoice e-mail or sent seperately?
  • AmiahAug.26 17:10
    did everything you said got confirmation from Amazon to bad its in Italian .hopefully I get the code today
  • Devyn WestfieldAug.26 05:27
    how long does it take to recieve the code?
  • VirgilAug.26 00:12
    I did everything correctly but when and how do I get my code? Thanks..
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