Cocaine, also referred to as candy, coke, snow or flake, is a narcotic drug that is highly addictive. Once introduced into the body, the drug causes the brain to release high levels of biochemical. This in turn results into an extreme feeling of excitement and joy. However, the euphoric effects of the drug can become serious and even fatal in some cases. 

You probably do not know how to get cocaine out of your system. The time it takes to completely remove coke from the system is affected by various factors, such as sex, age, frequency of use and body metabolic rate. The use of this drug can result in various health complications. For instance, when taken in large doses, it can lead to increased blood pressure as well as heart rate, both of which can result in a comma.

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System

To minimize the chances of coke being detected during a urine drug test and to remove traces of this drug from the body, various methods can be tried. 

  • You may drink a lot of water to naturally eliminate its traces from the system through sweat and urine.

  • Additionally, you may also take detox drinks or pills a day before the test to detoxify the body, hence remove traces of cocaine from the body.

  • To remove traces of coke from your hair, you should use either detox spray or detox shampoo to clean the hair.

  • You may as well use cleansers or mouth washes to eliminate traces of cocaine from saliva. 

  • You should avoid foods that are rich in caffeine, fat and sugar. Instead of such foods, you should consider eating more salads and fruits.

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells by using a bristled brush to scrub the entire body. This eliminates the dead cells on the body, along with traces of cocaine on the skin surface.

  • To enhance the detoxification process, you should take either water fasting or juice fasting foods that are rich in vitamin B consecutively for a week.

  • Basically, most of natural detoxification in the body occurs through perspiration. You can increase the rate of perspiration, hence the rate of cocaine removal from the body, using a steam bath.

In addition to these remedies, you also need to stop using the drug. This will further fasten the process of its elimination from the body.

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System Fast

Currently, there is no antagonist drug that may be used to instantly stop cocaine use or eliminate it from the body. However, it is possible to stop this abuse and eventually remove coke from your system. Mentioned below are some of the techniques that you may use to fasten this process.

  • Try ginseng, kava or valerian root

  • Take protein or amino acid supplements, like TrophAmine

  • To rebalance the brain, you may use nootropics, like ginkgo biloba

  • Take part in stress-relieving activities, such as meditation, qigong and yoga

FAQs About Cocaine


How long does it take to eliminate cocaine from your urine?

Depending on the dosage taken, it takes between 12 and 72 hours to have cocaine eliminated from the urine. After this period, the drug cannot be detected in urine. However, if cocaine is taken along with alcohol, it will take longer to get eliminated from the system, and may take up to 5 days to get removed completely. Additionally, taking cocaine along with alcohol will lead to the formation of a metabolite referred to as Cocaethylene.


How long will it take to have cocaine eliminated from the blood system?

Small portions of cocaine remain in the blood and may be detected up to 48 hours after its use. The concentration of cocaine in blood is vital, with regards to drug testing. However, some individuals have developed tolerance to the drug. In such cases, the presence of the drug in the blood system will not be detected, even following a prolonged cocaine use. The concentration of this drug in the blood varies from one individual to the other, ranging from lethal to therapeutic concentrations.


How long will it take to remove cocaine from the hair?

Just like with other drugs, a certain concentration of this drug remains in the hair for up to 90 days after its use. Rather than leaving its mark on the hair roots, it occurs on specific regions of the hair. As such, cutting the hair or using the various hair removal techniques can get rid of its traces on the hair.


How long will it take to remove coke from your sweat and saliva?

In most cases, traces of cocaine will remain in your saliva for an average of two hours. However, there have been cases of coke traces being detected in either sweat or saliva 19 hours after using the drug. On average, cocaine is estimated to remain in saliva and sweat for 4.5 hours to 24 hours.


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  • Emily Dec.8 21:24
    Cocaine will be out of your system quickly but the byproduct can be there for weeks. Cocaine isin't really flushed out with water but the byproduct can be. A lot of these answers say 2-3 days. That's not true because that's not the only thing they test for. The biproduct can be in your system for weeks. Drink lots and lots of water and try any diuretics as well to flush the other chemical out of your body.
  • GeoNov.9 22:08
    I did a lot of coke Saturday night till 6am sunday I went to turn in a job application tuesday at 3pm and the gave me a saliva test on spot ,Monday I went to boxing and sweat a shit load would that help ?
  • riaOct.30 22:13
    HELPPPPP! i've been doing like a line or two a day for a week now, how long until its all out of my system for a blood test?
  • Xavier lopezOct.29 04:02
    I have done coke for a while and always pass my drug tests.... After you use it flush out your nose with little warm salt water the same day you used it, then drink tons of water, use vitamins like b complex, try to work out and sweat a lot also try niacin as well. Itll be out in 48 to 72 hours
  • ValerieOct.16 16:11
    I do urine tests twice a week. I only use once in a while but the cocaine stays in my urine for about two weeks. BUT that's me. My metabolism is different than yours. I don't drink lots of water or eat healthy. This looks like someone "guesstimating" a time frame. But it will def take longer than a few days to leave your system!
  • oopsididitagainSep.16 01:23
    help!! I have a drug test for a potential job. I've been using for almost 6 years on and off 3 years every day but VERY small amounts. how many days do you think I have to go sober?
  • AngelenaSep.14 13:25
    If I just stopped using crack last night will it be out of mine and my babies fetus by October 26
  • BentlySep.12 00:18
    okay I was at a party really drunk and did like .5 of coke and did a line of Molly. the party was on Saturday and i have a drug test on Wednesday will I pass?
  • Vince Rocchetti Sep.6 20:06
    Iam on my third drug test to try and get into treatment. Please don't believe anything you read EVERYONE is different so far the coke has been in my urine for 9 days. Now I was using everyday for at least 2 months and I have severe constipation issues but please be careful. Everyone thinks they know but realistically your body is the only one that knows
  • JustinAug.26 12:18
    Isn't it biloba instead of bilboa? Using an old text book a decade back in med school. Kinda confused now that I didn't pursue my career in pharmacology
  • EleanorAug.29 01:20
    @ : Thanks for pointing out, it is "biloba". Already corrected it and sorry for the mistake.
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