A woman's menstrual cycle (timeframe: about 28 days) takes the body to experience some physical changes that allow for reproduction. Menstruation, commonly referred to as a "period", is the process where the uterus sheds its lining. The period typically lasts for 2 to 8 days. But due to some factors, a period may delay and become irregular. Therefore, to some women whose period delays and those whose period will occur at an inconvenient time, like during a wedding, first day of school or vacation, taking some simple measures to induce a period is quite necessary and beneficial. Here are some home remedies explaining how to induce your period.

How to Induce Your Period


Take Vitamin C

Ingesting high doses of vitamin C increases estrogen production levels, which promotes the growth of the lining of uterus and promotes the uterus to contract. Vitamin C also keeps the uterus from having access to progesterone, which encourages it to shed its lining. However, side effects of high doses of vitamin C may include severe diarrhea and kidney stones. To limit these adverse effects, drinking a lot of water with vitamin C can help. You can also drink pure cranberry juice for vitamin C. 

Note: Be sure that you are not pregnant before taking in large doses of vitamin C to avoid potential miscarriage.


Use Herbs

Herbs known as emmenagogues, such as ginger and parsley, help to induce your period by causing contractions of the uterus. Try drinking 2 cups of parsley or ginger tea. Parsley and green tea are also excellent sources of vitamin C.

The best herbal remedy for inducing menstruation is Dong Quai. It promotes pelvic blood flow, helps to increase circulation, and increases the balance and strength of the uterus. Other herbs that are effective in inducing your period are white peony, primrose oil and pulsatilla.

Note: It is advised to seek help from a homeopath or herbalist in order to ensure proper dosage and usage of these herbs.


Eat Some Foods

  • ŸCertain fruits including mango, papaya and pineapple, can help to induce your period. About 500 grams of papaya juice in 2 sittings should be enough.

  • ŸHoney is also a great alternative to induce period. Try drinking a cup of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of honey.

  • ŸCelery contains apiol which is known to promote contractions of the uterus. Celery also helps with pelvic blood flow and assists with inducing your period.

  • ŸAs a Chinese remedy for period irregularity, red dates can increase blood circulation and relieve blood clots in the uterus. You can try eating some red dates before your period to induce menstruation.


Reduce Your Stress

When your stress levels are high, cortisol and adrenalin released by your body will prevent the release of fertility hormones, thus resulting in a delayed period. Find ways to relax yourself such as listening to music or going outside for deep breathing. You can also enjoying a hot bath which is an effective way for both relaxing and inducing your period.


Take Physical Exercise

Taking part in half an hour of physical exercise, such as going up and down stairs, fast walking or jogging can help to induce your period. Exercise that focuses on the abdominal muscles, such as sit-ups can also be effective in getting your period faster.


Sexual Intercourse

Having sex can help induce menstruation by increasing the flow of blood to the vagina and prompting the uterus to contract. Afterwards, when the vagina becomes relaxed, the lining of the uterus is triggered to shed. Hormones found in semen soften the cervix, which is an important part in the process of your period. Therefore, sexual intercourse is an effective and enjoyable way to help get your period faster.


Apply a Hot Compress

Heating your body can help to induce your period. Try applying a hot compress, such as a heating pad or hot water, to your abdomen. Try sitting in a bath tub with warm water for a few days can be effective. It also helps to drink water at lukewarm temperature before your period.


Take Some Medicine

  • Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are made with synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone which regulate the body’s natural levels of these hormones and reduces the level of androgen. Taking these pills can help to induce your period as well as make it lighter and more regular. Birth control bills are usually given to women who are under 35 years old. They also help to enhance hair growth and minimize acne.

  • Aspirin

After the first day of your missed period, add 2 crushed aspirins, ½ tsp sugar and ½ tsp of honey into a ½ cup of water. Drinking this mixture can help to make your period come more regularly.

For more ways on how to induce your period, watch the following video:


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  • JasticOct.20 17:14
    Got unprotected sex during my fertility days. After that i take morning pills. But still my period delayed for almost 3 days already.please help how to get my period
  • AshleyOct.13 19:02
    I'm 14 and I got my period almost 3 years ago and it was regular then it changed to the middle of the month and I'm waiting to get it and I'm getting all the symptoms of my period ex: my boobs hurt and they are full and I stuck a tampon up there and there was blood does that mean I'm going to start soon?
  • It helped my sister, but not me. I've been missing my period for about 3 to 4 months now and I'm starting to get concerned. I'm not pregnant, so what should I do?
  • adrianaOct.12 23:08
    @ : please go to the doctor
  • SapphireOct.3 04:34
    Took 3 vitamin c tablets, let's see if it works. And I'm gonna try the hot compress as well
  • Grace Sep.15 05:49
    My period is very irregular and its currently 8 days late and I have felt cramped and bolted for around a week now just getting annoyed and want to get it over with
  • ElizabethSep.5 13:37
    Houston we have period! Thank you for this post! I have my birthday on Wednesday and it's also the day we leave On vacation! I was projected to start on Wednesday but had been feeling crampy 2 days ago (Saturday!) well, I drank a lot of pineapple juice, and emergen-C as well as did ab workouts and this morning (Monday) I woke up and I have my period. My last spotty day will be Wednesday! WOOOOO. THANK YOU WRITER AND THANK U JESUS
  • Megha NellutlaJul.30 03:58
    You can also try taking a hot water bath with 2 cups of mustard powder. Sit for atleast 20 mins and rinse off all the residue. The powder may irritate sensitive skin a little bit but this works wonders. Your period will arrive in a day or two max. It also clears ur toxins.
  • RubalJul.28 11:51
    Yes got my periods after taking 10 vit C tabs....
  • Dianna StarlingJul.12 04:54
    I'm trying hear compression .... the sad thing is my period has always been left to right and I really don't remember the last time I had it.... I'm not pregnant I'm pretty sure I would be showing it's been a month a two .
  • CheyJun.14 22:11
    Trying the aspirin drink mix, hot compress and later on exercising. Idk about the drink mix it honestly was so terrible I almost threw up. But the hot compress is making my cramps feel really heavy? But after I'm using it I feel nothing? Does this mean I'm going to start soon ?
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