The pregnancy period is one of the most fulfilling moments in the life of every woman. However, there are complications that can arise during this incredible period that can lead to miscarriages. Most women feel very sad when they realize that the pregnancy they carry will not end in the celebration of the arrival of a new baby. Moreover, the severe pains and complications that came with miscarriages can be quite unbearable for the affected women both physically and psychologically.

No woman wishes to have miscarriage during pregnancy, but if you find yourself in a situation where having a miscarriage is the only option, here are some great tips to help you.

How to Make Yourself Have a Miscarriage: A Sincere Answer

This is the most common answer you will find on internet on how to make yourself have a miscarriage, you must read this first before you jump to the next part:

Any medically-induced miscarriage requires the attention of a doctor because it is no longer a natural miscarriage, but an abortion. To see the clinics near your location, simply visit, and select your state. Having a medical abortion requires visiting a doctor, especially when the abortion proves a bit difficult after the administration of some abortion drugs. Some common abortion drugs include Misoprostol and Mifepristone as a combined prescription. They are mostly prescribed by doctors. Another popular choice is, Cytotec, but it is not as effective as the first two.

If you have any questions or need funding, visit For some parenting advice, visit If no qualified medic operates near you, you can visit or If you are still a minor, and cannot possibly let your parents know about your pregnancy, it is possible for you to get a kind of legal bypass form from a qualified legal practitioner. Your family clinic can help in this regard. Though some states do not ask for parental consent or legal bypass.

A quick reminder: Abortion has been legalized, so there is no point risking your life and fertility by administering abortion drugs at home with no medical supervision. Doing this will require some medical help because it is never easy to abort a healthy pregnancy without complications like excessive bleeding. In this case, do not hesitate to consult a qualified medical personnel. You will equally require a medical checkup after 2 weeks to make sure the abortion was successful. If any part of the pregnancy remains in your womb, it can lead to some serious infections. If this happens, you will need a professional D&C.

Untested Home Remedies for Miscarriage/Abortion

If you insist on finding home remedies for abortion/miscarriage, then continue your reading and you'll find some untested methods.

Parsley & Parsley Juice

Things you will need:

  • Very fresh Parsley (Go for organic, no one likes pesticides in her vagina)

  • 500 mg tablets or capsules of vitamin C (Avoid tablets that contain bioflavonoid like Rose Hips to stop miscarriages)


  1. Put in a fresh branch of parsley as deep as you can get into your vagina. Parsley facilitates contraction, changing the fresh stem every 12 hours will produce the required results. Remove the stem before it becomes soft as it can become quite difficult to be removed.

  2. While inserting the fresh parsley stem, make sure you drink parsley liquid extractions. Take about 2-6 Tbsp about four times daily.

  3. Within these three days, or before the beginning of your periods, take enough vitamin C orally. It is ideal to take about 500 mg per hour or as much as 6000 mg. You can use this Vitamin C for about 6 days. Vitamin C has the ability to induce menstrual flow even when the period is three weeks late. You can start taking your Vitamin C as soon as you finish having unprotected sex.

This treatment should not exceed three days. Between 2 and 3 days, you will get results.


  • Do not worry when you get some cramps after this treatment.

  • If you notice any sign of cramps, use your usual anti-cramp medication or prepare a ginger juice.

  • If you keep taking very high doses of Vitamin C, the success chances can be quite high.

  • Avoid this procedure if you have any history of kidney complications.

  • Look out for any toxicity signs that are unique to parsley: hallucinations, nausea, vertigo, vomiting, paralysis, hives, swollen liver, painful urination, colored urine, and tremors.


Blue & Black Cohosh

These herbs no doubt have very offensive tastes, but they do help induce miscarriages. They work by opening the cervix, thereby stimulating contractions by helping the body produce oxytocin.

Practically, experienced medical practitioners mostly make use of blue and black cohosh to cause induced labor in an overdue pregnancy. These herbs are quite effective for completing the process of miscarriage, provided the right dosage is used. However, excessive use of it can lead to serious harmful effects.


Special Use of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also known to be quite effective for inducing natural miscarriages. A safe cinnamon dosage is known to cause the stimulation of the uterus, which results in abortion. Avoid cooking the cinnamon in order not to deactivate the active ingredient that helps drive the abortion process to a successful completion. Taking cinnamon supplements can help complete the miscarriage successfully without any complications. This same cinnamon can also help prevent bleeding and enhance the healing process due to its strong effects on the blood platelets.



This unusually structured small animal is believed to have very high nutritional benefits. It is a great source of calcium, which is known for its bone-strengthening abilities; during summer, most pregnant women insist on crab as their favorite food. However, do not continue eating crabs after the first 3 months of pregnancy, no matter how much you love eating them. This is due to their ability to shrink the uterus, which is characterized by severe genital bleeding or miscarriage.



Longan is a very delicious meal with superb flavor and smell. But, this is one food every pregnant woman should avoid because pregnant women always feel hot inside and experience constipation. Eating too much logans will make the hot feelings more severe. It can also cause other symptoms like internal bleeding, fetal derangement, lower abdominal pains, and severe damage to the uterus, which can all end in miscarriage.


Green Papaya

Several researches have shown that green papayas contains lots of pus and enzymes, which lead to gestational contractions and sometimes, miscarriages. Green papayas also contain oxytocin and prostaglandin which are important for the delivery preparations. So, eating green papaya can lead to miscarriage in the early few months of the pregnancy.



It has been discovered that eating cheese can induce miscarriage in a pregnant woman. It is advised that cheese be avoided during pregnancy. Cheese brands like: cheese rocopho, cheese camember, feta cheese, Gorgonzola cheese and all other Mexican cheeses. The compounds of these cheeses can house some miscarriage-causing bacteria.


Disclaimer: Never Forget to Read This

The content of this article about how to make yourself have a miscarriage are sourced from several unverified and unauthenticated sources, and following them may lead to very serious health complications that may require urgent medical help. Whoever chooses to follow any of the methods outlined in this article does so at his or her own risk as we cannot vouch for the sources from where these methods came. No medical test or experts have certified these methods are genuine, so consulting a health expert before you decide to use any of these methods may do you some good.


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  • RahimanfoziaSep.30 21:21
    How long will t take cinnamon to miscarry
  • Yvonne HesterSep.18 00:19
    I just started to take cinnamon to help me miscarry. How much and long do I have to take cinnamon for. I am in a situation, to where I cannot have the baby. Please comment if you know the answer!
  • MommAug.19 15:09
    I am the mother is very healthy growing beautiful children I love them with all my heart I just found out I am 2 weeks pregnant and cannot have another baby my son just graduated my daughters are beautifully grown up I'm not even 40 but another baby for me right now you know is just nuts in my future so I am trying this cinnamon and I'm going to take a 6000 dose of vitamin C at the end of the day and I will let you know if it works cuz I haven't seen any answers if it does work I will keep you updated
  • firdaus zehraAug.1 12:53
    Is cinnamon gonna work
  • meganJul.18 23:17
    Sometimes there is not a choice and sometimes there is..why cant people see whats being wrote someone who was raped another with mental issues.they are making a responsible choice and should be respected for it.instead of having a child and letting it suffer or child services take it and be put in a screwed up home where bad things can happen to it?? Thats a better situation yall would be happy with bringing a child who is unwanted and has no chance at all into this screwd up world? Noone can dare play god and judge the choices of another woman before knowing thier case.these are not things any woman want to go through at all and in most cases it is not a selfish choice to get an abortion it is a selfless choice.putting a potential childs needs first.if you know they can not be met in anyway shape or form and you have made the choice to abort i feel like as a human being you have exhausted every what if and should i could i thought that has crossed your mind and you should not be punished for is a person opion that you have to make and live with for the rest of your life and as long as you and your god know why that was your choice you should not feel pressured to exsplain yourself nor feel judged by anyone who isnt god because i am quite sure everyone has made a choice they are not proud of or that someone somewhere is unhappy or disagrees with.we are not on this earth to please the next persons opinions or beliefs.these comments just make me sick we should be empowering each other and supporting eachother at. Times like this!!! ladiea u have my support in any choices u have or have to make
  • Samantha JohnsonJul.15 23:56
    Need help asap. I'm 3 weeks pregnant and I just started taking cinnamon to induce a miscarriage. How much is OK to take and how often. Please.
  • Samantha Jul.15 22:16
    I'm 21, I have one child. I just found out I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant. I was rapped... The guy is in Jail for a few months but I don't want his baby. I can't do this, and I don't have the money to go to the clinic. I'm a single mom to my son now. I'm thinking of a herbal. But will this work at 14 weeks? I don't want the baby to suffer and I work 50 hours a week. Judge if you wish. It doesn't bother me. But I do need some advice from the people that understand.
  • nastadki murphyJul.4 20:04
    If you are on the family planning injection and you miss your period are u pregnant
  • JamasamaJun.20 11:16
    Have u ever thought how it feels to be judge because you get pregnant and how it feels to be adopted but never loved I can't understand if a female waits too long to have and adoration but if she's only a few weeks what's the harm its not even formed yet you call this murder ha it's funny how we only consider human life when its convenient for us you don't know how these ladies feel or think who are you to judge its not your life or your problem so mind your own business and take that crap somewhere else not all women think the same its better for that child not to be here then to let it live with a mother that hates it or go to a family that makes it and outcast the worlds not perfect ...I was adopted and all its left in my heart was a big scar that I don't think will heal...its so easy to tell someone what they can't do but if your life turned out like that would you be able to do it
  • MyaJun.20 04:45
    Whoever made the comment about giving the kid up for adoption has obviously never been in foster care, nor does that person know or understand any of the current statistics of adoption rates. I was a foster child and believe me I would have rather my birth mom decide to do something like this then the hell i went through wating for somebody to adopt a young black girl, whitch is 87% less likely to happen anywhere. Most people want to adopt a child that looks like them. I hate to be the negative Nancy but I am one of those statistics they are talking about. Instead of them getting a chance they are being left behind and abandoned. That is more of a crime than anything on here I've read. I get that you want to be moral, but I'd so many people believe that everyone deserves a chance then why don't they adopt more of theservice children and give them permanent homes and families instead of pawing of to foster home after foster home?! WheRE is the morality in that?
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