When an employer, probation officer, rehab counselor or other authority figure wants to know if someone has been drinking, they use to have to depend on standard technologies like blood, breath, saliva, or urine tests. These would work but only if a short time had elapsed since the person had consumed alcoholic beverages. The body eliminates alcohol swiftly at approximately one drink an hour. That means if you were consuming alcohol heavily but stopped at 10 p.m., you would be able to pass one of these standardized tests by 9 a.m. the next morning. Now, thanks to a new technology known as EtG testing, it is possible to tell as much as 5 days later when you have indulged in alcoholic beverages.

What Is an EtG Test?

Ethyl Glucuronide is a natural by-product produced by the body after consuming alcoholic beverages (ethanol). Although the body may have already eliminated the ethanol itself, ethyl glucuronide remains in the system much longer and can definitively indicate the consumption of alcohol for up to 80 hours.

This test is conducted with a urine sample and is often used to monitor people who have been court-ordered not to drink or by employers who restrict alcohol consumption. It can detect both abstinence and consumption.

How to Pass an EtG Test After Drinking

If you’re wondering how to beat an EtG urine alcohol test, the best way is obvious - just don’t drink. Some people suggest drinking loads of water after consuming alcohol will flush out the system but this method is unreliable. The test can tell if your urine has been diluted with excess water and if that happens, you fail.

It has also been suggested that taking a creatine supplement and Vitamin B will help mask the fact that you attempted to dilute the urine sample.

There are very few helpful answers to how to pass an EtG test after drinking. It is difficult if not impossible to do. Some people report passing it after 48-65 hours and that’s after drinking lots of fluids and working out until you sweat profusely. Still there is no guarantee. Of course, it does depend on how much you drank, but even a little bit of alcohol can be spotted with an EtG urine test.

The test is so sensitive, it even detects traces of alcohol in common household products you may have used, such as hand sanitizers, cough syrups, antiperspirants, laundry detergents, and numerous others which can result in a false positive. That is one reason why this test remains controversial in some areas.

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  • MishaDec.19 14:08
    I drank a bottle of wine and two beers and passed at 30 hours. This is what I did: Probation officer called at 9 am and gave me 30 hours. At 1015 I was in the sauna (find one), I did about 10 , 5-7 minute sessions at about 175-195 F. Heart rate goes up, metabolism increases. On the way to Sauna I drank two half gallon bottles of Crandberry juice and two small waters, I stoped to pee on highway twice. Before I left I took B-12 vitamin and two milk thistles. Also during my trip I took Niacin 1000 mg that makes you itch for about 30 minutes. Slept on in off during my sauna breaks, ate two bananas, bottle of green tea and a bottle of ice coffe. At 3 pm I played two hours of tennis. At six pm I played an hour of soccer while drinking another gallon while taking etg tests, buy them on amazon. At 9 pm I bough a large meat pizza and cheesesteak. Took two more B-12 and couple colon cleansing pills from CVS. Slept 6 hours, drank POM pomegranate juice and ice tea. Slept again, walk up at 4 am, barely passed test with pink line. Slept, 9 am played more tennis. Drank more water, more milk whistle. Had chicken noodle soup for lunch, took a nap. Passed test at home and passed test on location. Very stressful with anxiety and panic attacks in case fail for violation of probation. There is scam on line called uridex 69 it doesn't work. I hope it helps , good luck!
  • KeithJan.16 23:23
    @ : Misha, Question: Did the faint line appear right before lab test? Just curious about faint line. I hear it's a pass and can be caused by many things including medications have some ETG present.
  • Kevin Nov.21 19:16
    I take this test once a week and I only have to stop drinking 24 hours before. I dont drink more water or take any cleansers. The only thing I could suggest is exercise and get a good sweat. I dont even need to do that but it might help
  • Erik DelkaOct.27 04:28
    It's bullshit that it's that sensitive. I use antiperspirant with alcohol in it everyday and I've passed all my tests. And I've taken cold medicine with alcohol in it and passed the next day. It's like this article is written by a cop or something to deter people from taking any chances. Or somebody failed because they got drunk, and claimed they just took niquil or used cologne... Which I've heard people use that excuse before...
  • SamOct.24 17:20
    I drank a six pack or Mike's I have a full seven days. Hopefully I can pass but anyone know?
  • SkyOct.9 22:30
    Okay I drank 4 pints of alcohol and one gallon of alcohol how many hours dose it get out of my UA
  • AmandaSep.19 15:41
    Just like others jave said, everyone is different and their bodies process everything differently. I guess you can find a test on amazon but I've only seen ones for weed in stores. I can say it is frightening because, yes, you can test positive due ro other things. I have not had experience here but I know people who stop 2-5 days before and idk if the ones who just stop 2 days before are getting this particular test. But I can say that once I tested positive for methamphetamines - and I was in total shock. Thankfully they sent it to a lab for better testing and it came back clean. I think some testing cups are defective... but I have never figured out why, and it drives me crazy that I could have eaten or drank or applied something that would cause this to happen. Because this particular test is so sensitive, I do not agreenwith the use of it, you shouldn't have to be afraid to use body sprays or santizers etc. And I do know that while some drs are scared to death of govt regulations, others are quick to assume the worst and judge you and it's not fair or right. Good luck all. Its absurd that a person can't enjoy a beer here and there responsibly after having court issues. Lots of people make the mistake of f-ing up and it doesn't mean they have a problem per se. And weed grows as a natural plant and has multiple health benefits.Though I would find other ways to consume due to tar and lung issues, but regardless, a grown adult shouldn't be under such scrutiny unless you've hurt someone or have a violence or accident history. Speaking of, I also do not agree with breathalisers or evem blood tests. I know people who get drunk after one beer and others who can function fine after a bottle of whiskey. But obvioisly something so strong is going to stay on your breath for a while. God, I was a passenger in a car that got pulled over and I freaked out - confused us w another car that had a gun so we were surrounded and cops saying throw out the gun and we were like wtf, obviously I freaked, in the backseat, opened a bottle of vodka and guzzled it. I told the officer I had literally just drank it and he said yep, as the numbers climbed 4., 5. You should be dead, but no, I was not even drunk and he could tell bc it was so obvious, but it's not for others! What if you take one shot and then get stopped at a random checkpoint... And then you have to go thru all this for what? Or people who are literally a block away from home.. Can't the cop just follow them on or have them park and walk? But then you have public intoxication... Sorry for the rant but as long as you aren't hurting anyone and of legal age, then it should be your private business period.
  • mistyJul.22 01:09
    If I put clean or alcohol free now 5 days will it pass for a clean alcohol test after I hear up to body temp?
  • MarcoJul.8 08:55
    I drank 1 four loko (12% abv.) about 2-3 nights ago, I weigh 220lbs. an exercise average. What is my chance of passing. If it helps i've been drinking hella water
  • Tracy Jun.22 21:09
    The have no exposure idea sounds safest. I get tested at least once a week and need to for 3 mos so I'll be just fine as long as I don't expose myself to any: cosmetics, or perfume or hand sanitizer, or antibacterial Soap, or go to work or do laundry...for 3 mos...piece of cake RIGHT?!???? I haven't had a drop and still hit positives all the time and also for drugs I have NEVER EVEN TRIED! And one drug I did for 3mos-22 YEARS ago! Lol They ain't kidding that test is sensitive. If it's that sensitive it isn't credible or accurate. I told them I want ALL chemicals in my system listed legal or not so I can show them what I REALLY tested positive for (like body spray!- AGAIN!)-mos after I had a drink and 14 yrs after I touched ANY drug...and I got another lab on standby just to cover my rear! There's a reason it's controversial and not accepted by all agencies everywhere. I'm throwing in blood too, to make sure I don't get wrongfully slaughtered by those who are working under the NONstitution!
  • Audra Jun.6 19:47
    This is a very amusing conversation but it sounds like nobody can agree because everybody's body is in fact different... I passed a surprise piss test for weed that I had three hours to panick waiting to take the test just by drinking about 20 oz of pickle juice and a gallon of water. I was a heavy smoker but hadn't smoked in a week cuz I knew I was going to get tested soon. So don't take anybody's word for what worked for them. The best advice I read here is to buy your own tests and test yourself. But I like drinking too and I'm going to just test myself as suggested by the smartest person in this conversation who clearly knows there's not one way that's guaranteed to work every human.
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