You may have browsed some interesting articles on Do you pop up some awesome ideas? Don't you want to have your own account? Here we illustrate how to register on

Part 1: How to Become a User of EnkiVillage


Create your account

First, click "Sign Up" on the homepage and fill out the information required to create your account.


Choose your most interested categories

Then you can choose your most interested categories.


Fill out your Paypal account

Also, you can fill out your Paypal account, and you can join our Write and Get Paid program to set your wonderful pieces to our more competitive platform. Why not treat your talent words with continuous reward?


Now you have been one of!

You can edit your profile, and find your article information, donation records and email box in your profile page. Click How to Use EnkiVillage to know more.


Change your password

Click "Security" to change your password.

Part 2: Log in Via Facebook and Google


Click "Facebook" to enter into the Facebook page, and fill the required information to log in. In the same manner. you can log in via your Google+ account.


Edit your profile. After you successfully log in via your Facebook or Google+ account, you can edit your information as mentioned above.


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  • StepanieFeb.26 00:03
    I have a test on monday . Last used on tuesday. Will it still be in my urine
  • StaceyFeb.18 07:49
    Hi! So, as I diligently tried to create an account, your site would not provide the pass code needed. This appeared to be the final step. However;, to my dismay, your site wouldn't allow me to go through face book or Google+ . Which was an alternative to signing up personally through my own e mail. It looked like a terrific site. I'm in hopes that it's repaired. Today is 2/18/16. Good Luck
  • BonnyFeb.19 01:36
    @ : hi, stacey, I‘ve tried to log in with my Google+ account, and it's just all right here. But there may be something wrong with the facebook log in approach. Sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. :(
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