It’s not that easy to find out that a person close to you is gay. You need to be rather careful and attentive, because there’s no definite sign to say that someone is gay. We all know that people are different and everyone has a right for his own private life; however, how to tell if someone is gay concerns a lot of people including you! You may feel confused for a while and that’s why we provide the following advices!

How to Tell If Someone Is Gay


Communication with Males

It’s important to observe what the guy speaks about other men. He may say something about their appearances, or how great it is to be around with some men. He may also tell you about the favorite male actor or singer. In case that you may still have a lot of questions, just read the the following tips.

  • Checking out other men. An average common man checks out women and gazes at them to show his interest. But if you notice that a man looks too often at men then it can be a sign of homosexuality.

  • Showing sexual attraction. You may notice that men usually discuss women, cars, money or some awesome news they find out. However, some guys may behave in an absolutely different way. He may say a compliment to his gay pals or show his  masculine intentionally.

  • Supporting gays. He wonders how other people would treat him, their opinions and attitudes towards himself. So, whenever there’s a topic about gays he always tries to defend gay rights . 

  • Hating gays. There’s another situation that happens to a gay where he does his best to show he strongly dislikes gays. He thinks that by showing people what they want to see, they won’t find out anything. It’s also a form of denial of his real identity. If you really want to know how to tell if someone is gay, this is a good way to identify it.

  • Staying at friends' house. It’s hard to imagine that men would have a pajama party and gossip about some things. This is a weird situation, which makes you think there’s definitely something wrong about it. It may prove that a guy has other intentions.

  • Watching Gay porno. It’s quite normal when a person strives to know more and one is curious about how things happen in this world. However, if you notice a guy watching gay porno not for the first time, it’s a sign he likes it and gets great pleasure.


Interaction with Females

It’s normal when a man gazes at a woman and speak about her appearance, whether he likes her or not. There’s no man that would refuse to go on a date with a hot girl, except those who are gay. Another way to find out whether he is gay is paying attention to his opinions towards women and the way he talks to women.

  • Making himself more attractive. Both men and women shouldn’t forget about hygiene and appearance. However, gays usually tend to do some procedures that are created for women. It makes them look different. He may use a lip balm; wear tight pant or even polish his nails. 

  • Watching girlish movies. There’s no man who would accept watching Vampire Diaries or The Notebook and miss some football match. Gays don’t mind to watch shows for girls and women. Moreover, they are in love with them and prefer to discuss with some girlfriend.

  • Avoiding physical connection with girls. He may hang out with you,  or spend a good time, but every time you touch him or let him understand he can kiss you, a guy does nothing but avoids it. This can be a sign he’s gay. How to tell if someone is gay becomes easier with this feature, especially if you are a beauty and have a lot of worshippers. However, it may show that he is in love with another girl. 


Feeling Inferior, Foolish or Closed

Gays behave different from other men. It’s not easy for them to control their feelings when they feel some attraction in the company of men. They are always afraid of what would happen if everybody knew they are gay. There’s a feeling which doesn’t leave them – anxiety.

  • Individual behaviors. There’re situations where you’re confused or hardly can understand what’s going on with your friend. Gays behaviors are different. Some gestures they use, words they mention and views that they give are special. You should not miss it so that you can understand whether you’re right.

  • You unexpectedly discover an awkward situation. All of us had a moment when we were not supposed to see or hear it. So, maybe you catch a guy with another one and realize that there’s something going on that is weird.

  • He worships some celebrity. Gays often check the latest news about celebrities’ life. They admire them the most and try to follow their style. They just love the lavish lifestyles that celebrities have. Gays like all the luxurious things and will do their best to own the great things.


Physical Signs.

How to tell if someone is gay? It is a difficult task even for some psychologist. However, if you’re a quick eyed person, you can figure it out. The hormone level also has great influence on the sexual preference of a man. Gays are born with more estrogen than other men, which also makes a gay display some feminine characters such as the walking style, the figure or finger length. Take the finger length as an example: Women’s ring finger and index finger are usually the same length. However, men’s ring finger is often longer than the index finger. Therefore, if you meet a man with even fingers, then he may be gay. But you should remember that these physical signs cannot be absolutely sure, since there are much more exceptions.


Extra Options to Realize

There’re many reasons you can wrong about the person. Every person has individuality and everyone is weird in some way. If a man doesn’t show enough interest towards you, the reason might be that he like someone else. Maybe he is not ready and don’t want to rush to have sex with you. Besides, some women enjoy watching football or basketball game and they also like to wear male’s clothes; the same way, some men like spending evening watching some TV shows. 

Besides, there are also other possibilities. Your guy friend may be bisexual or asexual instead of being a gay.



  • You shouldn’t ask a person directly to find out such private information.

  • Some features of appearance and body may be connected with something else other than gay theme.

  • Spending time with men and showing some interest are not signs he’s indifferent towards females.

  • Every single person in this world has a right for a private life and it’s none of your business whether others are gays or not.


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