A prickling feeling or irritation in a particular part or all over the body that results in you scratching it is referred to as pruritus or itching. The emotional state, stress and other factors which differ from person to person decide how much a person can tolerate the urge to itch. A number of medical and skin conditions, including allergies can affect itching. Itching increases when the person has very little to concentrate his thoughts on. This is the reason irritation due to itching is the maximum during the night.

I’m Itching All Over My Body—Why?



Eczema is a long term skin condition though it has been known to improve over time, especially in children. The skin becomes red, itchy and dry in eczema. The symptoms of eczema in most people follow a pattern in which they get better slightly before getting worse. The itching because of eczema can interrupt your sleep and cause bleeding from your skin. The scratching can also cause secondary infections in some people. It can also cause rash that commonly appears on the face, wrists, hands and feet or back of the knees.



Scabies is a skin condition caused by mites that dig tiny holes in our skin. Scabies is a contagious disease which can cause itching all over body at night. The skin condition also causes red spots on the skin where mites have dug holes. The disease spreads because of an extended skin contact with the person affected by the disease.


Dry skin

Xerosis (dry skin) is the most likely cause due to which you are drying. In this condition, there are no rashes and red spots on the area of the skin where you are feeling irritation. In xerosis the dry skin is caused by the conditions of your surroundings. Factors such as hot or cold weather, prolonged use of heaters or air conditioning and an excess of washing and cleaning can cause itching in this skin condition.


Other answers to “I’m itchy all over my body”

Additional possible reasons because of which you might be crying “I’m itching all over my body” include:

  • Allergic reaction. Allergies to all sorts of things can cause itching in the skin. Cosmetics, soaps, wool and chemicals can irritate a person’s skin such that it starts to itch.

  • Skin conditions. Psoriasis, hives, chickenpox and lice cause irritation and itching in specific areas in the body. This itching is accompanied by blisters and red spots.

  • Nerve disorders. Shingles, diabetes mellitus, pinched nerves and multiple sclerosis are all nervous system conditions which can result in itching.

  • Reaction to drugs. Itching all over the body can also be caused by improper reaction of the body to antibiotic medication, antifungal drugs and even narcotic pain medicines.

  • Pregnancy. In some pregnant women itching conditions like dermatitis can become severe. Moreover, some women feel skin on their abdomen, breasts, hands and thighs become itchy.

  • Internal diseases. When itching is caused by internal diseases, the skin appears as usual with only few scratch marks. Some internal diseases which can cause skin irritation include kidney failure, anemia, cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, liver disease as well as celiac disease which causes wheat to be imperfectly absorbed by the body.

I’m Itching All Over My Body—How to Get Relief

If “I’m itching all over my body” is a complaint you seek a remedy for, then following things can relieve your pain and stop you from causing more damage to yourself by scratching.

  • Stop gouging your skin and just tap it when feeling itchy

  • Cool down the irritated skin area by keeping a damp flannel on it

  • Have a shower with moderately warm water

  • Stop wearing clothes made of man-made or woolen fabric or whatever increases the severity of itching

  • While taking a shower, reduce the use of soaps or fragrances because they can cause dryness of skin. Instead while washing your body make use of moisturizing products which are pH-balanced.

  • Remedies like using calamine lotion and showering with oatmeal added to water are not completely proven, yet these remedies do not cause much harm and can be used by pregnant women.

  • Avoid going in hot weather and wear loose fitting clothes. If the body becomes hot, the intensity of the itching increases particularly if it is a heat rash.

  • Products like jewelry, fragrances, some cosmetics and nickel can initiate allergic reactions by irritating the skin and thus cause itching. So avoid such products.

  • Moisturizing creams like Eucerin, Cetaphil and CeraVe can be applied once or twice a day on the skin areas affected by itching. These creams can greatly reduce the itching by reducing dryness of the skin.

  • Creams which have around 1 percent of hydrocortisone can be applied on irritated skin to alleviate itching. The same soothing is also provided by creams containing menthol, calamine and camphor.

  • You can also apply corticosteroid cream on your skin to mitigate itching and irritation. When you have applied the cream, put a wet piece of cotton on the area so that the cream is completely absorbed in the skin.

  • Depending on your condition, your physician can recommend you anti-allergy drugs which are often called antihistamines. These drugs are over the counter medicines, some of which induce sleep like Benadryl while others do not including Zyrtec and Claritin. The antihistamines which induce sleep provide the additional benefit of making your fall asleep at night when the itching disrupts your sleep.

When Is The Right Time to See Your GP?

In most cases skin irritation subsides after short duration. But you should immediately consult your physician if your itching is:

  • Very serious and grave

  • It keeps on itching for an extended period of time

  • The itching never completely subsides

  • There are additional symptoms like swelling or bumps or spots or jaundice.

  • You must also visit your physician if you have the feeling that I’m itching all over my body for no clear reason. It can be a sign of a gravely complicated condition.

What Others Are Experiencing


“I’m itching all over my body. I was on amitriptyline which is a very strong antihistamine which I stopped taking around 8 weeks earlier. I had been on the medication for around 20 years and stopping the medicine was the moment when the itching started. My body is facing the consequences for such a long period of dependency on the medicine and even my physician does not exactly know when the body will completely adjust and the itching will stop. I can sympathise with your condition and realize your suffering.”


“I am drinking a lot of water - an average of 3 liters in a day and having a normal diet. I am also having Benadryl 6 times a day to reduce itching. My sleep is still adversely affected by the itching and I can only have 2-3 hours of sleep on a good day and no sleep on other days. I believe I am going through hell!!!”


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  • Suzi WollmanJan.9 22:58
    I am itching all over my body without any rash. My tongue is very, very sore, too. I can hardly eat or drink anything. My doctor has run blood tests and is referring me to an allergist, as I cannot get relief, even when I did a course of steroids. I'm miserable!
  • Egom GiftNov.4 22:39
    I'm itching all over my body after receiving treatment, please what can I do I can't sleep
  • RobinNov.2 16:11
    My skin becomes very itchy in the winters due to dryness and my whole body becomes white.Heat and Stress makes it worse. I can't even stand in the sun as sweating irritates my skin.I try not to do much work.Sometimes I have a sudden outburst of itching and I have to take citirizine to control it.A sudden variation in the temperature or spicy food can irritate my skin. Wollen clothes also irritates my skin and i dont wear them.
  • ManuelDec.14 05:35
    @ : Please did you find a solution to it yet.I have the same problem and i would be glad if anyone can help..email:[email protected] Thank you
  • Itching to much Oct.23 04:21
    My personal experience went on for years. I couldn't figure it out. I am in great shape and I eat very well. I noticed if I drank too much or ate meat prior to sleeping it really made me itchy. Basically what it all boiled down to was the fact that I had gallstones. My gallbladder was full of them. So when you eat meat or drink too much it made me secret more bile. Since the bile had no where to go it was sent through my blood stream and kidneys. Which will make you extremely itchy especially at night. Try eating no sugar and fatty foods for one day and see if you itch as much. If you do not itch as much than you have a lot of gallstones. Warning do not remove your gallbladder. Prepare yourself for a a liver cleanse. PLEASE BE PREPARED. If you do it properly you will get rid of all your stones naturally. Google liver cleanse and find the one week one that prepares you. Apple cider vinegar and apple juice dissolve stones and help them move through your body. Stones are not really stones they are balls of rubbery cholesterol. Google apv for gallstones. Malic acid which is what is in apples. Most importantly for easy passing is Epson salt. Have it ready in case you start to feel mid back pain etc. Epson salt relaxes your muscles especially inner muscle so they will pass painlessly. You have to drink some and it doesn't taste great. I have finally been able to sleep peacefully at night since I passed my stones. Good luck and all the best. I felt that I had to share this because I was going absolutely crazy from the itching. Believe me it gets better after you cleanse your gallbladder and liver. Your liver is the filter of your body so when it is clogged and too busy fighting other things waste will pass through your kidneys and blood stream, making you react to toxins which make you itch. This is my first time blogging so forgive me if I am not very specific. I hope this helps because I never took any pharmaceuticals which led me to believe that my body was telling me something.
  • HavanitchOct.7 20:11
    Thanks a great deal for comment #1. I stopped taking amitriptylene about 2 weeks ago after 25 plus years. I am itching all over and was desperate to find out why. I believe I have the answer and can deal with the itch just knowing someone else is having a similar experience.
  • Wayne MillerSep.9 17:11
    Well after 2 years of itching I found out I had pin worms !
  • indianSep.7 16:29
    You can try homeopathic but only two med. . at same time First one silicea 6x two times empty sto... for dry skin and clean skin.may feel somthing after 3 days . Select second as per your..... Rhux tox 30c two times if you have pain also Sulphur 200c Or mircurus vivis 200c For until improvement happen.cheak on internet. After it for complete cure we have to go for cure live and kidney use lycopodium 200c for 3 day donot take another med.. for 7 days Alflfa tonic of sbl for 1 month as per written...... detoxification. Lycopodium and alfalfa for complete cure only one may donot need them . Like if you are hurry during eating use hand over head during sleep.constipation.weak then lycopodium Alfalfa tonic if you have too much yawn.... Donot sleep during day wake up before 3:40 3:40-3:52 sun directly own your axis if you are not with proper combination it will affect. For fast relief burn fire and sit near it at most 1 hour per day u can pray near it read near it...it alone cure beause fire element main problem.please donot use candle etc. If you donot want to do all these things first thing to do cheak up liver weak liver> weak kidney> toxic blood> allergy > nose eye ear throt >urine >constipation >balance of breath > effect pre. Area of mind >start with first
  • Layla BethAug.31 13:13
    Okay I've Been itchy all over for awhile now and I discovered I Just have severe dry skin and stress makes it worse Anyways I started using 100% natural soaps oatmeal, caffeine or the lemon soaps are best Also I Use A Brush To Clear Off All My Dead Skin Cells To many dead delay overlapping causes itchiness. Coconut Oil And Raw Shea Butter For Oiling My Skin after a bath or shower and PLEASE DONT TAKE GOT BATHS AND SHOWERS they just need t poo be lukewarm . In result of doing this No More Itching for me ! I finally get 6-8 hours of sleep at night !
  • LinaAug.8 14:19
    I'm having itchiness for years and it seems that every medicine that I took doesn't give any sign of recovery...I did control my diet and change it in a better ways..so confused and depressed right now..anybody?help?
  • mesquiteiceJul.19 07:59
    Dear All, At the outset, i am not a doctor or medical practitioner but follow a lot of people and diseases closely so that i can learn about it. I would like to put something to add to your to try list and see if it helps. The main reason which people suffer this unknown itch all over the body seems to be toxins in the blood. Say a mosquito bite is a toxin in one place. Imagine if this toxin were to spread into every cell of the body. It is of course very painful. The idea is to purify the blood and hopefully things should subside. I would suggest Homeopathic Remedies for these problem. There are many homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines available to Detoxification of blood. Please do spend some time and try the remedy that you feel is most suitable at least for 3 months before giving up. Also please do not stop any other medication that you are already taking. Take these medicines in addition to your doctors advice. Taking lemon juice without salt and sugar in empty stomach appears to help some people to detox. Dont use perfumes, that are harsh. Also dont think about things that are "yewye" to you. Say for eg if you dont like cocroaches, try not to get in contact with these. Get well soon
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