There are several strange disorders out there and one of them is pica. This is the desire to eat items that are not really food. This disease usually affects people and children who have developmental issues. Among pica, pagophagia is the desire to eat ice all the time. Those who do this are often not aware that they have an issue, as they do not think that this is something to be worried about. So, is eating ice bad for you? It could be, and you should consult your physician to know if this has become an issue or not.

Is Eating Ice Bad for You?

In most instances, chewing ice has become a habit for the person. However, there can be an underlying medical condition that needs to receive treatment. For those who have the question "Is eating ice bad for you?" there are several issues that can be considered.

Severe Damage to Teeth

When you chew on the ice cubes, you are doing untold damage to your teeth. This can chip and wear the enamel, which weakens the tooth. The more ice a person eats, the more damage he is doing to his teeth. What's more, it is permanent damage.

Nutritional Issues

Those who are addicted to chewing ice will find that their bodies can suffer nutritional problems. Many people who do nothing but eating ice are often malnourished and have other health related issues.

Socially Unacceptable

This is one danger of eating ice that many people may not take seriously, but eating ice really can have some social effects on the people who do it. Many people do not like to go places with or sit near someone who constantly chewing or eating ice, so it could affect just how many friends you have.

Why Are People Addicted to Eating Ice?

Many people view eating ice or chewing ice to be nothing more than a habit. However, there are several reasons why a person may eat ice.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

A person should have at least 8 to 18 milligrams of iron in their diet daily. Studies have found that those who have this level of iron are less likely to have a craving for ice. Those who have low iron are often found to be munching on ice. However, it is not sure why the low iron makes a person crave ice. Many studies have suggested that the ice may help to reduce tongue swelling and burning which are often associated with low iron levels.


There are many people who eat ice as a way to keep from eating other foods in an effort to lose weight. The person will eat the ice in between meals as a way to suppress the appetite. However, there have been no studies that show this technique actually helps in losing weight.

Habit or Obsession

Eating ice is often nothing more than a habit for people who simply want to have something in their mouth to chew on. This can become an obsession when a person finds that he can no longer do other things for wanting to chew on ice.


Cool ice can relieve the nausea feeling caused by food poisoning, motion sickness, pregnancy or influenza. It can also prevent dehydration. This is why some patients want to eat ice, but for nausea relief, you'd better let the ice melt in the mouth instead of chewing it.

What Should You Do If You Are A Compulsive Ice Chewer?

For those who find that they are chewing ice constantly and many times without thinking, chances are they have low iron. This will require to see the doctor in order to get this tested and to figure out the best method to solve this issue. Those who did correct their iron levels often find that the desire to chew ice is gone. If low iron is not the problem, other issues may be dry mouth or simply a habit due to boredom.

If your habit becomes an obsession, it is important to take care of this in order to avoid it interfering with your life. This will require the help of a medical professional who knows what could be signals of this type of compulsive behavior and how to treat it.


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  • DeridereNov.18 00:05
    I am 48yrs old and I simply have to have my crushed ice from Valero, however I am severely anemic. Since reading the studies on how ice affects your teeth, I am really going to try to stop! Any suggestions, because without it I'm one cranky lady??
  • HollyNov.9 02:03
    I'm 22 years old and I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to eating ice. But I can't be just any ice, it has to be ice from Casey's! I eat 2-3 32oz cups of ice A DAY. It started when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my son... he's almost 7 months old now and the craving hasn't gone away. I eat it at home, at work, in the car.... I make my fiancé stop anytime we go by a Casey's just so I can get at least 2 cups of ice. I feel like I HAVE to have it. I've been smoking since I was 11.. and if I HAD to choose between smoking or ice, I think I'd choose ice. I had low iron when I was pregnant, but I don't know if I do now or not.
  • AureliaOct.27 07:24
    I'm 30yrs I always eat 2-3 trays of ice cubes a day and I can't get pregnant. I would like to know why because I don't even use birth control or anything please help.
  • Victoria TerryOct.23 17:06
    I also love to eat ice, I just got done eating a cup of ice. I eat it all day, everyday. I try to take a cup of ice water with me everywhere i go and i also have a snow cone maker that i use to crush ice up into snow and eat it by the cup full. I can sometimes see how it affects my life. I'll eat it when I'm at work, I work at a daycare, and then I immediately have to talk to a child or parent and I have a mouth full of ice. It's unprofessional and embarrassing but I don't even realize i'm doing it most of the time. My teeth also hurt sometimes but then i'll slow down on eating ice for a day or two and my teeth will feel fine after that. Other than those few things, i really dont see a problem with it and i dont plan on stopping any time soon.
  • RoxannaOct.5 13:07
    I eat ice every day as a way to stay hydrated. I don't drink soda and water makes me nauseous. I normally eat 2 of those 100 ounce containers of crushed ice from Circle K. If you get those containers, you can get as much of it as you want. I.make a run for refills everyday. I know I'm addicted because I feel like I go into withdrawals. I would love to stop but I can't!!!
  • Ashley s WilliamsSep.13 00:00
    I am doing on a cup of ice as I type. I'm 31 years old and I've been eating ever since I was a little girl. I just can't stop eating it. I love the crushed ice though. I got to have it every day. I just love the way it tastes and the way it feels on my teeth when I'm crunching it. It can be zero and blow outside I still have to have me a cup of ice. I would like to stop eating it but I can't.
  • I eat on ice all day everyday. Can't help it. My mouth stays so dry. It doesn't matter what kind it is either. Cubed or crushed but sonic has the best. I mean I can eat 3 to 4 cups at one sitting. Been like this for years. Now I'm having problems with very low iron. I mean really really low. Gotta have my ice though.
  • kaarinaAug.29 16:00
    i'm an ice chewer....idk fr hw long now. i crave fr ice much so tht if thre isnt any avaible i eat the frost/snow found in freezus. the feelng of hvng crushed ice at the back of ur throat is so gud......dnt hve any prblems except tht i get brainfreeze occasionally
  • MahekAug.28 01:45
    Hey... I am ice eater too.. since the beginning i guess.. well it annoyed my family a lot they think I am paranoid or something but it didn't stop me from eating ice. Though I feel pain in my teeth now a days but even then i feel this addiction the craving towards it. I don't know about my iron but yeah I do feel I have weak bones and teeth. But i love eating ice.
  • KristiJul.28 14:31
    I've been eating ice for 33 years. I crush it down into snow from the deep freezer. Home City has the best ice. I use 22lbs a week. I wont stop eating snow. I don't drink soda, so the ice is my only hydration. I do fall to cryo-freezer ice cream spheres if ice isn't available. I'm about to buy a freeze a dedicated ice freezer. My iron is on track,, but ice is divine!
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