We all dream and studies have revealed that everyone dreams for at least 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, every night. Some of our dreams are straightforward and do not require much interpretation. However, there are dreams that are more complex. Research shows that people from diverse cultures and backgrounds have shared similar dreams. Read on to learn interpretation of  meaning of dreams about common images/ things. 

Part 1: Psychology & Dreams

The psychological study of dreams tells us that dreams open a door to one’s subconscious. Freud who was famous for his dream interpretations said in his theory that our dreams carry coded messages which are formed deep within our consciousness. Freud taught the world that dreams can be understood and, they do have special meaning. In fact, he perceived dreams with so much importance that he called the ‘the royal road to our unconscious’.

Part 2: Spirituality & Dreams

In ancient times, dreams were linked to spirituality. Native American philosophies were able to go to a deeper level and tell us that dreams were not just a door to one’s unconscious. They are also a window to one’s soul. These philosophies tell us that through dreams, it is possible to access: 

  • Never ending wisdom and understanding of the universe

  • A higher sense of self

  • One’s future, past and even parallel life

  • Your lost loved ones and ancestors

Part 3: Interpretation of Common Dreams

Here we list 26 common dreams and meaning of dreams:

Chase Dreams

This is one of the most common dreams. A lot of people remember it because of the anxiety and tension that they feel during the dream. This dream is not really brought about by the fear of being chased, but what we are running away from in life. Chase dreams tell us that we are not addressing something and are instead trying to ignore, or run away from it.


Water Dreams

Water in dreams represents our emotional state or the unconscious mind. The state of the water should be able to give you insight on how well you manage your emotions. The water in your dream may be turbulent, cloudy, clear or calm.


Transportation Dreams

The dream could have any form of transportation including a plane, car, train or ship. These vehicles reflect on the direction we see our lives taking and the amount of control we assume we have on what is destined for us. Ideally, vehicles give us control and we have the power to transition and envision our destination. These vehicles can also highlight the obstacles we face or need to work out.


People Dreams

When you dream of other people, you are simply reflecting different aspects of your life. The people in our dreams may be related to characteristics we feel we need to develop. There are specific people that we dream of. The dream may symbolize an existing relationships or personal issues that need to be worked out. Dreaming of your lover is often symbolic of an area in your life that you feel detached to.


Class/School Dreams

Classroom dreams are also common and this is often experienced when we have tests that we are not adequately prepared for. The test or lesson that you face in school is one that you can learn from even in your future. This dream is common with people who were done with school a long time ago.


Paralysis Dreams

Sleep is a form of paralysis and this is why we seldom move in line with the physical actions occurring in our dreams. Dreaming that you are paralyzed represents an overlap between two stages of sleep namely: REM and the waking stage. This could also mean that you feel as though you have no control over your life.


Death Dreams

Many of us assume that dreaming of death is a negative thing or even a bad omen. However, death represents a dramatic change in life or the transition from one stage to another. It is basically the end of one thing.


Flying Dreams

Dreaming that you can fly is directly related to how well you manage certain areas of your life. This tells whether or not you are confident in yourself to achieve certain goals. High flying dreams are the most euphoric while dreams where you are flying low can be frustrating as you are facing constant obstacles such as power lines. 


Free Fall Dreams

Some falling dreams are scary and give you negative vibes. However, some are more peaceful and it all depends on the speed of the fall. Slow falls indicate some form of peace when you are letting go of a certain aspect of your life. Falling uncontrollably may mean that you walking into a part of your life that you are not in control of.


Nude Dreams

Nude dreams expose a vulnerability that is emotional or psychological. The nude part of the body can provide more insight on the emotion your unconscious state is trying to help you understand.


Baby Dreams

Dreaming of a baby means that something new is about to be birthed. This could be a new job, project, idea or growth in one area of your life.



Snake dreams can be unsettling. Such a dream would mean that you are facing a scary or challenging time in your life. On a positive note, the snake may also be an indication of a transformational time in your life or healing. 



Sex dreams symbolize and intimate connection with yourself, someone special and, the figurative addition of new information to your life 


Clothing Dreams

Clothes are often a statement of who we are and how we perceive ourselves. Dreaming of shabby clothes may mean that you feel unattractive or are unpleased with your body. If you dream of changing clothes it is a reflection of a lifestyle change you are undertaking.


Cross Dreams

Crosses are associated with religion. The cross in your dream may be a sign of death, the end of a certain phase in your life or a balance. The circumstances in your life will determine the interpretation of the symbol.



Food is a source of nutrition and it is related to your emotions, spirituality and intellect in dreams. It can reveal a hunger for new things in life or knowledge.


Hair Dreams

Hairy dreams are correlated with one’s sexuality. The abundance of hair may indicate virility while absence may mean loss of libido. Hair loss may also be an expression of your literal fear of the occurrence.


Demonic Dreams

Demons are evil and in dreams, they signify emotions that are repressed. This could indicate that your subconscious is telling you to change your ways.


Murder Dreams

This dream is telling you that you need to kill something in your life and this could be a personality trait. It can also be an indication of your deep dislike of someone and your desire to see them experience pain and suffering.


Marriage Dreams

Marriage dreams may literally mean your desire to have a wedding or merge with a loved one.


Missed Flight

A money dream is a symbol of self worth. If for example your dream involves exchanging money, it may indicate your anticipation for certain changes that are bound to take place.


Mountain Dreams

Mountains are viewed as obstacles and this dream may symbolize an obstacle you are facing. A view from the top of a mountain symbolizes that your life is being reviewed without prejudice.


House Dreams

House dreams represent the mind of the dreamer. The different rooms and levels of the house represent different areas of the person’s life. For example, the basement is an indication of a neglected part of one’s life while the bedroom may point out intimate thoughts.


Road Dreams

Road dreams convey a direction you are taking in life. The dream might be asking you to take a stand on your life path.


Radio and TV Dreams

These items symbolize some form of communication between your unconscious and conscious mind.


Trapped Dreams

Such dreams signify something going on in your life such as your need to be set free from someone. They may also mean that you need to make the right choice.


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  • KarliJoDec.26 07:37
    Hello all. I have dreams where something is holding me down and I can't get up! It is literally just like that.....I can't get up- or open my eyes!! Sometimes I feel as though I got up- I know I actually didn't. This will sound odd to some.... When I finally - actually wake up - I light white candles and myrrh Insense.....and the presence of whatever it was- leaves. I can feel it in my spirit. Someone help- it's a lil scared here- thank u
  • VinuDec.7 07:15
    I dreamed that I am again friendly with a person who was my best friend and now who is really hating me. But after the dream I thought that he will be friendly with me but he is not. he always hates me and never comes to talk with me or even he is not smiling with me. Will he be friendly with me???? Will this dream come true??? Will we be friends like we were before??? Pls help me.... I beg u............ Tnx.
  • Nadine DizonNov.2 17:18
    I have this dream that happens a couple times a year where im in this really weird place - a bit futuristic - and it kind of looks like a reeaaaallly large office or factory - i can kind of fly or kake big jumps - i always go in the same direction but suddenly there is this huge glass wall/fence and then i jump over it ... but when i get to the other side i first see fog - nothing else but fog and a road - i try to go see what is on the other side but then i always just wake up - i've never seen what's on the other side- what does it mean?
  • KieraOct.22 21:26
    I am 11 years old, I had a weird dream were I was standing by a pool watching this dolphin. Then the dolphin turned to a black skelital mermaid and killed all my loved ones. And every time she grabbed me, I would scream but all that would come out would be nothing. At some point she throws me out the door of this house and I get chased down the road! I have had this dream every few years and I want to know badly what it means.
  • Keisha Oct.21 13:37
    I dreamed I was cooking two rats in the microwave & I ate them.
  • Kayla MarieOct.20 19:02
    When was this article written? Using it for a project and giving credit to the author.
  • PhillipGoodmanOct.21 02:22
    @ : It was written on Sept. 17, 2014
  • AsianaOct.18 09:24
    I dream that when i go outside i see a big alien his feet were stretchy a u.f.o. and a police at our neighbors house asking if there was Asiana.but,that was my name.i shocked i go to inside of our house and i dress i run to get out of our house and go to another house of our neighbor when i was playing with my friend,there was a police trying to catch me and my friend,i see a portal,we go to the portal and the the police do not catch me and my friend.then i was awake.i dreamed it when i was 6 years old but now,im 9 years old.it is years i am thinking about it.im so scared.i cant even forget it.pls help me.thank u.-.-
  • kiraOct.17 12:33
    I have this dream that my girlfriend is with somebody else and they look sweet and happy while i just watch them that way and leave what was that supposed to mean
  • prince JamesSep.28 01:45
    I have been having this strange Dreams. I thought maybe its nothing but I am scared now. I dream of me flying.. Maybe a height of an electric pole or 2. But its higher. And I don't have control. But sometimes when I close myeyes and just think of falling, I fall. Or I just reduce height. And then up again. I can fly for miles. Confused. Scared. I just don't know.. Can you reach me on [email protected] Thank you
  • francisSep.27 09:01
    My wife has had a dream that when she told me I got scared and disturbed, in her dream she told me that she was beating me because she found me sleeping with her niece
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