“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” So said Neil Armstrong on that momentous occasion on July 21, 1969 when he stepped onto the surface of the moon for the very first time…supposedly. Does anyone else find it strange that decades before the internet, nanotechnology and cloning, NASA were able to build a rocket that could not only land on the moon, but live broadcast the event to 600 million people? Was the moon landing fake?

Top 8 Examples Proving the Moon Landing Was a Hoax

The 60’s was a decade where technology was only just figuring out how to develop the computer mouse, so it’s not surprising that many people question the authenticity of the moon landing. Here are the top 8 lines of evidence exposing the moon landing hoax.

The American Flag Flutters Gently in the Non Existent Breeze

It’s an iconic image for the citizens of the United States of America: their flag, planted on the moon and waving gently in the breeze. Only, there is no breeze on the moon, meaning there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere, and hence, there is no wind whatsoever. This is one of the most obvious stuff ups in the staged moon landing hoax. Of course, NASA tries to get around this by saying it wasn’t blowing in the wind, it was just a bit crumpled from being rolled up on the journey…Well, judge for yourself.


Is There More Than One Sun? Because Those Shadows Don’t Match Up!

NASA produced an abundant supply of photos and video footage to support their moon landing. But, it soon became evident that there was something a bit fishy about these photos on the moon; ever noticed that the angle of the shadows do not match up? Shadows are caused by light sources. On the moon, there should only be one light source: the Sun. So, logically, all shadows should be parallel to each other. Only shadows in the photos of moon landing are not. In fact, the shadows in many of the photos run in different directions. It’s almost as if the shadows are caused by… yes, multiple lights on a film set!


You’re in Space… Then Where Are the Stars?

On a cloudless evening, you can see an abundance of twinkling stars in the night sky. Surely from the moon, with its lack of clouds and complete absence of artificial light, you should be able to see even more stars with the naked eye? Only, you can’t. In fact, in all of the photos taken during moon landing, you cannot see a single star. Not one. Sure, the photos taken in the 60’s weren’t amazing quality, but these days you can capture the stars in a photo taken from your phone, so shouldn’t the high tech NASA cameras have been able to pick up something?


Oh Look! It’s the Same Rocks & Mountains…Again…And Again

NASA has marked out the exact locations of the moon landing missions, showing how they have explored sites that are miles apart. With that in mind, why do the photos from the Apollo 15 mission show identical backdrops? NASA swears that these photos were taken in different locations, yet the photographic evidence clearly shows the same patterns of gently sloping hills and valleys. It’s almost like NASA were just getting sloppy by the time they hit the Apollo 15 mission. “Why bother creating new sets, we’ll just use the same ones repeatedly…Surely no one will notice.”


Carved by Nature… Why Does That Rock Have a "C" Drawn on It?

In yet another example of the technicians on set just being sloppy, one of the moon landing photos shows a “moon rock” which has a perfect letter ‘C’ printed on it. The perfect symmetry of the letter shows that it is not naturally occurring. Now, it’s perfectly credible that a prop used on a film set would be marked with a reference letter. But there is no plausible argument for the “C” just being naturally weathered into the surface of the rock. As a result, NASA came up with a different, though no less implausible, explanation for the rock with the “C”. According to them, it’s a stray hair. It can’t be more ridiculous than this!


Fly Through a Belt of Radiation and You Should've Get Cooked

Everyone knows how dangerous radiation can be: overexposure to it can cause radiation poisoning and even death, so It is should be avoided at all costs. To get to the moon, you have to fly through a band a radiation known as the Van Allen radiation belt. Yes, the space craft had an aluminum coating, but is that really enough to protect a human being whilst they spend over one and a half hours traversing a band of radiation? NASA, of course, said “yes” and that the astronauts weren’t in the radiation for all that long. But an hour and a half still sounds like a pretty long time to be inside a cosmic microwave.


What’s That I Can See Reflected in Your Helmet?

When the photos were published of the Apollo 12 moon landing, many people noticed something a tad unusual reflected in the shiny helmet of an astronaut. It appeared to be something hanging from a wire or perhaps a rope. In fact, it looked suspiciously like an overhead spotlight, the kind you see used in Hollywood movie studios. Whilst admittedly, the photo quality is a bit grainy, making it impossible to positively identify the object. It still begs the question: what could possibly be suspended in midair on the moon? There should be nothing there for anything to be hanging from!


Not Much of an Impact

Have you ever seen the photos of the astronauts footprints embedded in moon dust? The astronauts described this dust as being similar to “talcum powder or wet sand”. That being the case, why is there no sign of impact where the lunar module landed? You’d think that a rocket-ship landing on a big pile of talcum powder would leave some kind of impression in the surface, but according to the moon landing photos, no such evidence exists. In fact, it looks more like the lunar module was just placed in position. This is just yet another blindingly obvious defect in the details of the moon landing hoax.


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  • Bob SpanyardOct.22 10:53
    I watched with my own eyes as three astronauts in their space suits entered into the capsule. Then three technicians emerge minutes later, dressed in white hospital apparel and covered from their heads to their toes and were then whisked away. Fake badly acted out magicians trick. There was no one on board. It was as stupid as the magic bullet. I remember the look of disgust as Walter Cronkite was handed the news bulletin and reluctantly read it. Three went in and three came out...
  • LulaOct.22 00:19
    The space race - America were never going to let either Russia or China beat them... but with the lack of activity after these so called visits by America, it does make you wonder. Surely if you'd cracked it you'd keep going back. It's funny how they say because we've been that there's no reason to go back. Id say a successful landing is all the more reason to revisit. We'd send people to Mars if we could but we can't even land the rovers on it without catastrophe. So back in the 60's landing men on the moon and getting them back safe was a walk in the park. Nothing fits. And it's all a bit too clear and straightforward for my liking...
  • Ray Ban Oct.16 11:46
    After looking at all the "evidences" (testimonials,footages and pics) it's easy to see that it's all fantasy. Not to mention how come no one other than USA ever went back there? No real time documentaries of moon? Because USA "supposedly" went first then that's it? No other nations want to try?USA claiming sole ownership of the moon now? The answer is really simple, we never went to the moon.May be in the future but until they show us some real evidences I call BS! Lols. People actually believe this stuff? If people would only do a little research sometimes it's amazing what they will uncover.
  • WillydonOct.13 15:50
    Like many other occurrences the moon landings were faked. But let's not waste our time trying to fight or undermine Hollywood's stunts.
  • All of these conspiracy theories have been put to rest by logic! Ignorance through incredulity is not an excuse.
  • Arthur LarsenSep.26 15:04
    My question is why would the United States of America spend a few trillion dollars and employ over a miliion scientists, engineers, technicians, and even news people in order to fraud the world ? My answer is that they didn't. The moon landings actually happened. There are men who are still alive, who have been there, but go ahead and keep trying to convince yourselves otherwise. Arthur Larsen
  • FrankSep.23 03:06
    I find a lot of these comments amusing. Someone named Pat mentioned that no wars were happening during the lunar missions. Pat may not have heard of some minor event called the Vietnam War. Then there is Jon who thinks the Space Shuttle Chalenger blew up on the launch pad instead of a couple of miles up. History is not some people's long suit.
  • MotoSep.20 11:25
    If the Apollo missions had all failed and we never ended up going to the moon, there would be conspiracy theorists claiming that NASA had gone there and the government was covering it up. You can't win with dumbtards.
  • Hu JingJingSep.15 00:31
    The Van Allen belt theory is convincing, but ultimately false. My brother graduated from Mines and has studied radiation for years. Contrary to popular belief, not all radiation is the same. The radiation in the Van Allen belts is very 'heavy'... i.e. alpha or proton and electron radiation. It's true that this radiation is very deadly, because it reacts with other matter very readily. On that same token, as it reacts with matter so easily, it's also absorbed relatively easily into materials such as aluminum. I've been on the fence about this for a long time, but let's face it-- it's entirely possible to go to the moon. However no one in their right mind should think that we would broadcast the event so freely. The photos and video were manufactured ahead of time. What if Aldrin and the rest of them died like the other 15% of NASA astronauts during that decade?? Lol.... how embarrassing.
  • Even if it was fake, it sure fooled the Soviets... Hence, the Soviets went bust 22+ years later.
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