Having itchy skin after taking a hot bath can not only be irritating, but it can be embarrassing as well. Itching is medically called pruritus, and it may leave scars and permanent damage on your skin. This itching sensation can occur to a certain area or all over your body. If you have been experiencing itchy sensations after showering, here are some useful tricks that can help you solve your problem.

My Body Itches After Shower, Why?

There may be several reasons why you experience itchiness right after you finish your shower. Keep reading to see whether one of the reasons listed below is causing your itching.

Taking hot showers

Direct contact with hot water can cause your skin to dry excessively, which is one of the major and most common causes why you can have itchy skin after a shower.


Frequent changing of soaps and shampoos

Switching out your toiletries frequently can be bad for your skin, especially if it’s very sensitive. The variety of chemicals found in these products may irritate your already delicate skin.


Chemical irritants

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical derived from coconut that is included in toiletries as a foaming ingredient to work up a lather. It has been known to trigger itchiness and cause rashes.


Bathing in hard water

Using hard water to bathe may leave a thin layer of soap on your skin, which can cause your itching. Additionally, the calcium that is contained in hard water can also be another cause of dryness and itchiness.


Allergic reaction

Contact with certain allergens can cause your skin to experience itching sensations that may last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Chemicals incorporated in your towels and bed sheets may also trigger these allergies.


Poor diet

An improper diet may be another reason for your itchy sensations. If you are unable to take in the nutritional elements that are essential to retaining moisture in your skin, this may be the reason why you always experience itching.


Frequent bath or shower

Your skin produces natural oils that protect it from harsh environments. These oils can be stripped away when you take long, hot showers, leaving your skin dry and itchy.


Contact dermatitis

Mildew that forms from dampness in your shower area can cause you to develop contact dermatitis, a temporary skin irritation. Traces of detergent and fabric softener can also cause this condition.


Aquagenic pruritus

Aquagenic pruritus, literally "water-caused itching", causes your body to activate defense mechanisms when it comes into contact with water or sweat. You will feel this itch deep within your skin, but it will not show visible redness or raised welts.

How to Prevent Beforehand


Use lukewarm or cold water when bathing, so your skin doesn’t lose natural oils. If you take showers frequently, don’t use too much soap, which can dry your skin.


Install a water-softening machine in your home to protect your skin from hard water.


Stay away from foamy bathroom products and do not switch from brand to brand very often to reduce the risk of itchiness.


Apply essential oils or lotions before and after showers and before going to bed. This will keep your skin soft and supple.


Protect your skin texture by staying away from areas that are too cold, hot or humid. Wear proper clothes and never rub your skin aggressively with your towel after bathing.

Soothe Your Itching Body Naturally


Bathe in baking soda or oatmeal

Add one cup of baking soda to a tub of warm water and soak in it, or mix three parts baking soda and one part water and apply to itchy areas. One cup of finely-ground oatmeal added to a warm bath also works.


Use lemon

Lemon contains anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an ideal product to combat itchiness. Squeeze a fresh lemon directly on your itchy areas and allow the juice to dry.


Apply aloe vera

Squeeze the gel out of a piece of aloe and apply it onto your itch. This will moisturize your skin while forming a protective layer that will keep impurities out. You can also apply commercial moisturizer if your skin feels tight afterwards.


Use herbs

Cloves and basil, which contain a topical anesthetic called eugenol, and menthol and thymol found in mint and thyme have anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Eat a healthy diet and take lots of water

Dry skin can be caused by a deficit in Vitamins A, B, and E. This can be remedied by regularly eating dry fruits. Drinking lots of water also keeps your skin hydrated and removes toxins, which cause skin irritation and itchiness.


Keep good hygiene habits

Stay away from wearing fabrics made of wool, polyester and other synthetic materials, and stick to clothing made of 100% cotton. Avoid using scented detergent to wash your garments as these contain chemicals that may irritate your skin further.


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  • PenguJan.1 13:11
    Hi, Thanks for sharing this. I too get the Itch after shower or swim) for years, My Father and a Relative also has this. I find it is much worse in the mornings, so I only have a shower in the evenings. Also it is worse on Humid days.Cold shower and Cold air-conditioning helps alot. The best conditions for me is to have a Shower in the evenings and then walk straight into a dry, very cold, room. The worst conditions for me is; to have a Shower in the morning on a hot humid day, This will cause my legs and arms to become itchy for about 30 minutes to an hour, and it drives me crazy. Jumping and moving helps, I believe it may be related to Circulation / Blood pressure.
  • solo101Dec.13 09:10
    I had this itch for almost 7 years now, it comes to a point where I hated taking shower or bath! but I think I am good now (will sort of) these are solutions I came up with after long 7 years of trying and doing something different to lessen my suffering: 1) take a cold or mideam water, try the best to not take your shower in hot or warm water, if possible you can start warm and make the water colder after a minute or two. 2) don't take shower too long, sadly I think the less you shower the less the irritating become. 3) shampoo or using the soap you want to do them quick and fast. 4) before showering prepare something very silky and thin to wear (this is VERY IMPORTANT) I found that silky cloth or thin one can really calm down the irritating of my skin and calm it all together, wearing cotton or any sort of heavy cloth doesn't really do me will after showering if anything it makes my skin irritating even more (don't wear underwear with these clothes, only the silky cloth should be touching your skin). 5) turn on the AC before showering and make the room cold (or very cold in my case) and put what you are going to wear under the AC so the cloths too become cold (I found this very relaxing and it calm my skin irritating very much once I wear them and they are cold) (PS: this step isn't healthy because of the cold and it might harm your body in the future, but sometimes I really don't care). 6) after doing all of these things and you still feel itching, just don't scratch yourself and it might go easier after few minutes or worse, in my case it can be good or bad, just don't scratch a lot because the faster you scratch yourself or forcibly scratching will make the skin irritate even more. one thing I found very strange and very helpful 100% is what they call the moroccan bath, there is some places who are specialty with these kind of baths and I took one (though very expensive around 80$ for the bath with the treatment) what happen is they covered my body with a lot of herbs, mud, natural oils etc... then I took a steam 2 times one with the herbs and oils and the other while covered by mud and between those scrubbing my body and there is a lot of dead skins that come off I though I was a snake at that moment, anyway after 30 min in heaven I felt my body was very light and I never itched, so I tried to do that by myself and it backfired at me like hell! I hated myself for doing that by myself, my skin was irritating for 2 hours I think (normally it is 20-35 min), but once I used to go to this gym and they have steam room, it was very relaxing for my skin and it helped (a little) to lessen my skin irritate, hope this helped and don't forget to share.
  • kago mmualefeNov.16 13:10
    Thank you so much.it's been years now itching after bathing this is so irritating.
  • flavianNov.4 09:26
    if i bath using cold water my body itches for about 30mins and if l use warm water once it loses it temperature the problem starts again. its now summer time and um still bathing warm water....help me guys...[email protected]
  • flavianNov.4 09:26
    if i bath using cold water my body itches for about 30mins and if l use warm water once it loses it temperature the problem starts again. its now summer time and um still bathing warm water....help me guys...[email protected]
  • mishi juma.Oct.19 05:24
    I hav bin havin dis itchy thing whenever i use scrubin substance like say sponge,towel so dat i remove dirt frm ma body.bt when i go where deas soft water i can scrub ma body very well widout any itching.thanx 4 da advice av learnt alot.
  • taylorOct.9 15:54
  • xbitgeeSep.27 21:24
    i thought im the only nigga suffering from this shit ..whenever i take my bath my skin get rude.......what make me feel better is when i bath very very hot water i feel okay i dont feel any itching and also when wash my body without soap and sponge still feel okay with that .........thats bad when i continue doing that im gonna smell ........and i have try this tips still suffering ,,i need help who goona help me out email me .[email protected]
  • GaisieSep.27 18:26
    Hmmm I have been having this painful itch when I sweat or bath which last about 20 to ep min
  • sherrySep.27 17:12
    I was ashame because it's a really weird feeling after a shower your suppose to feel fresh etc not getting a itching body, it sucks
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