Do you often find your dog escaping from the yard, charging right out of the main door whenever it gets a chance or it does not return to you as soon as you put him off the leash?

This must be extremely annoying, right? As a consolation, you should know that you are not the only one experiencing this behavior from your dog. Dogs roaming, running, escaping and chasing or not returning when summoned is a very common problem experienced by dog owners. This behavior does satisfy several of your pup's natural instincts and is not an unnatural thing, but it is can be dangerous for your dog with so much speeding cars on the street.

Part 1: My Dogs Keeps Running Away, Why?

Why do dogs keep running away? There are several reasons to blame, including habit, searching for a mate, boredom, sense of territory.


Dogs often run due to a habit. Earlier, my dog was allowed to roam in the open, but after shifting the house, she is not allowed to do so anymore. This confuses her as she is in the habit of running, which can be one of the reasons for 'why my dog keeps running away.


Search for a Mate

One reason for a dog running away could be to search for a mate. Dogs who have not been neutered or spayed often wander seeking for a suitable mate. The reproductive drive often strongly exhibited by the males pushes them to pursue a mate. Male dogs have the ability to detect female dogs even when they are miles away. Restrain your dog by neutering or spaying them.


Prey-Drive or Boredom

Before a dog is domesticated, he lives under the habit of roaming around for finding mates and food. It is quite natural that a dog will exhibit this natural behavior when he becomes domesticated. They have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be released, and dogs need some physical exercise and mental stimulation. Take your pup for long walks and try practicing different obedience commands at home so your dog stays happy and you never have to complain 'my dog keeps running away!


Social Issues

Certain dogs also run away for visiting other people or their canine pals. If you find your pup suffering from loneliness, try taking him out more. You can also get him enrolled in a good doggie day class or camp, so he can interact with other pups in a controlled and safe environment.



Have you ever wondered that the reason behind your dog running away could be fear? He might have experienced a terrible incident in the house that would have scared him, and this might be the explanation of him escaping from the house. Hire a professional behaviorist or dog trainer to train and help him.


Safeguarding the Territory

Dogs, especially the dog guards might also run away for chasing trespassers away from the property they are guarding. Getting your dog trained by an expert, so that he will return home after chasing the intruder.

Part 2: How to Stop My Dogs from Running Away

It can be dangerous if you have the issue "my dog keeps running away". To ensure the security of your dear dog, you need to take some actions to stop that. The following steps can help soothe your tensions regarding why my dog keeps running away.

Start working with him and make sure that he understands commands like sit, come and stay. Practice with him in a secure area like the backyard or anywhere inside the home. Lure him into practicing by using doggie treats.


Exercise those techniques numerous times daily, but keep each training session short. Doing it several times for less time is more effective than practicing for longer and less frequent periods. Let him see a treat you have for him and then ask him to come over. Ask him to sit and then stay. Move away and ask him to come again.


Appreciate him for his efforts and then continue doing your chore. Do not pay him any attention for a while and practice the technique after some time. It will teach him that approaching you is something good.


Try not to chase your dog. If he does not come, just don't give him the treat. Ensure that he can see the treat and comes chasing for it. If he does, do pat him.


Exercise the above steps inside the home as well. Keep a treat with you and ask him to come over. If he does, give it to him and pat him. Then do whatever you were working on. One thing to remember: never leave him off the lead in any unprotected area until you are confident that he is well trained.


Here a video helping you figure out how to stop your dogs from running away:

Part 3: What Precautions Can I Take?

In addition to do some training exercise, you also need to take some precautions before your dog is not well-trained. Below are precautions you can take

Fencing: Have a robust and high fence around your house with a padlocked gate. Do not use electric fences as they are dangerous or tie-outs because dogs can pull them out. Get a smooth fence and secure it with an electric one on the top. Bury some chicken wire in the ground so your dog does not escape by digging. There should not be any hole that let him squeeze through.


Identification: Put a collar containing proper identification on your dog, so in case he gets lost, someone can return him to you. Micro chipping can be useful too as a lost micro chipped dog can easily be scanned by a veterinarian or dog shelter personnel and can be brought back home conveniently.


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