Many people wonder whether personality is influenced by blood type or not. Well, the blood group you belong to can give a lot of insight about you. Different lectins present in supplements and foods stimulate your cells based on your blood group.

This is perhaps the reason why the nutrients that are harmful for people of one blood group are beneficial to another. The author of the bestsellers “Eat Right for Your Type” and "Live Right for Your Type", Dr. Peter D'Adamo thinks an o positive blood type diet that can help people with type O blood to live a healthy life.

What Is Type O Positive Blood?

The antigens present in blood determine the blood type of a person. Antigens, A and B are present on the blood cell's surface and works as markers in the body. People with blood type o positive have an Rh antigen as well as A and B antigens present in the plasma. Type O is the most common blood type and is often sought out for blood donation as well because type O blood can be donated to people of any blood types without fear of rejection.

Type O is the basic and oldest types of blood. The characteristics that make the people of this blood group unique are an overactive immune system, inability to digest glue-containing products, intolerance for environmental and dietary adaptation and a hard digestive system.

O Positive Blood Type Diet



For people in the O positive blood group, foods that restrict the production of the thyroid hormone are very harmful. The production of the thyroid hormone in people with O type blood is generally very low and they are always having trouble with their thyroid gland. This is why we are giving you an account of the beans:

  • Beans are highly beneficial for people with type O positive blood and should be included in the o positive blood type diets, which include black-eyed, azuki, aduke and ainto.

  • Green peas, pea pods, red soy, string and snap are examples of beans that do not have any harmful nor any beneficial effect on people with Type O blood.

  • The beans that are harmful for type O people and must be avoided at all costs are green and red Lentils, tamarind, kidney beans and copper Beans.


Lean Meat

A high protein diet that includes organic meats is good for people in the O blood group.

  • You can get the protein you need from venison, mutton, lamb, beef, veal and fish like cod, mackerel and herring. Seafood is best for the type O group as it contains a high amount of iodine in it which is helpful for regulating the thyroid glands.

  • However, bacon, pork and goose are the meats that must not be included in O positive blood type diet. Eating smoked salmon, pickled herring, octopus, caviar and catfish is also not recommended for those with type O blood.

  • Since people with O blood group can digest meat without any problem, eating a vegetarian diet is not a good option for this group.



  • The vegetables that are beneficial for people with type O blood are spinach, broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce and collard greens as they are rich in vitamin K. Vegetables like leeks, onions, garlic, artichokes, pumpkins and parsley can also be included with an o positive blood type diet.

  • Brussels sprouts, cabbage, mustard greens and cauliflower are some of the vegetable that the type O group should not eat as they impair the thyroid function. Fermented olives, alfalfa sprouts and shiitake mushrooms must be avoided by type O's as they inflame the digestive tract. Eggplants, potatoes and corn should be avoided as well by this blood group.



  • Foods that balance the digestive tract's acidity like figs, prunes and plums are best for the type O blood group.

  • However, D'damo asserts that cantaloupe, melons and honeydew must be avoided by these people because they have mold in them. Besides, oranges, strawberries, rhubarb and blackberries are also not recommended.

  • Coconut is also not advisable for people with the O blood group as it can inflame their stomachs which could be already irritated.



  • People in the O blood group should include wine, green tea and Seltzer water in their diets. These beverages have anti-oxidants that can help in promoting digestion and maintaining your health.

  • Highly caffeinated drinks and black tea are not recommended for people that have O positive blood type.


Other Dietary Tips for O Positive Blood Type

  • People with O type blood should eat soy milk, butter, mozzarella, farmer' cheese, goat cheese and feta and limit their consumption of eggs and dairy.

  • Peanut, corn, safflower and cottonseed should not be used by the type O blood group but flaxseed and olive oils are excellent for this group of people.

  • Wheat products are a big no-no for people with O type blood but they can have barley, amaranth, kamut, rice, spelt and millet.

  • Cashews, peanuts and poppy seeds are not recommended for type O's but walnuts and pumpkin seeds are good for this group.


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  • JohnOct.15 15:28
    It is well known that Soy is a very bad food, overloaded with estrogen , an energy killer , Why recommend it to anyone?
  • NobleOct.13 15:27
    Please if O positive group blood continues taking corn, what's will actually happen to him ??
  • kweku agyemanOct.4 13:50
    Can O positve drink alcohol???
  • Afsana Sep.24 20:15
    Hi I'm 32 years old i need to weight loss bcoz I'm too overweight plz give me some suggestions how or what should I can lose my weight. I'm also O positive blood group thanks.
  • AdoSep.22 03:52
    what type of tea recommended for O pos?
  • PenelopeSep.14 03:34
    Aw man... This article says that I basically should not be consuming half of my favorite foods.
  • Divine Sep.3 07:04
    I am happy about this i will try it, i am 32 i have been sick from tender age till now there are many food that do react negetivly when taking then orange is one of them, i cant control my urine when taking it. i have tested sugar level is normal Presently i have taking wheat i fell sick seriously that when dignosed malaria is ++ typhoid also when trying treat it became more seriouse what will i do ?
  • BettySep.1 21:31
    Hai Moses, you may have Ichthyosis vulgaris. Use africsn black soap, no hot water for bath, diet changes and use a good cream with urea. It will work out. Bye
  • akoe edoh Aug.29 19:21
    Please am John from Ghana am 30 years old am o positive as you said coconut must be avoided, are its the fresh one ,the meat, oil must be included? What about alcoholic drinks? Please help me by answering me thanks
  • Vanz RaeAug.29 19:21
    This article is an answered prayer. Im highly Anemic at 7.5 hemoglobin on average..and iron pills dont work... And have thyroid mass's, ovarian cyst, which drs solution was a hysterectomy at 36... And used to suffer from cystic acne. Test, ultrasounds, and biopsys, but no answers.. Allergic to hormones, and fam hx of blood issues and tumors... Recently started researching and found my diet was causing acne, but digging a bit deeper, since im suffering of blood issues, I thought I should know my blood type.. And ran into this wonderful article and guide... Im really happy to know Im not going crazy... My search to healing led me to believe I had to be allergic to certain foods, but of course I couldnt prove it, and my dr, has been no help... Until I found very similar advice regarding foods. I cut out lots and my acne cleared, but the pale skin, and bleeding and mass's continued... And now I find this!!! This is why im so sick.. I knew it haf to do with intake, but I never linked it with my blood type... This advice makes so much sense now with all the other research ive done to cure myself without drugs that drs prescribed. Only made me more sick, and felt horrible... THANK YOU For sharing!!!
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