Romantic anime is often bursting with more joy and comedy than a comparable genre. Therefore, in order to pick the best ones out of the rest to watch, the following represents an introduction to the ten best examples of school romance anime ever made. 

Top 10 School Romance Anime

These 10 school romance anime are in no particular order, but each gets good reviews from its fans. Enjoy!

Seto no Hanayome

This wonderful tale of romance centers around a boy named Nagasumi Michishio who was once saved from drowning on a summer day by a mermaid. However, an unfortunate law states that he must either identify the mermaid or face execution, which in turn leaves him and his family a quite impossible decision to make. 


Kaichou wa Maid-sama

When you are in an all-boys school which suddenly out of nowhere decides to start taking girls, you know it’s a big great news. That’s pretty much the backdrop of Kaichou wa Maid-sama where the girls find themselves first faced with a pretty horrifying situation. But with the episodes going, the girls realizes that mixing with the boys at school could be a dream come true. 


Clannad/Clannad Afterstory

If you like the Clannad game, then it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll like its anime origins too. The story centers on a rather questionable high school kid named Tomoya Okazaki who had a troubled starting with a gambling alcoholic dad. It’s pretty much set in stone that he’s on a downhill path to a life of misery and nothingness until he first lays eyes on Nagisa Furukawa and things change to the better side. 



Along with being a great romantic tale, Toradora is also brilliantly funny. It focuses on the life of Ryūji Takasu who, despite looking a little dodgy, is actually a really nice guy. It’s like the way in which you cannot judge a book by its cover; the outer appearance of the lead character is nothing like what’s underneath. And of course, this all becomes clear when he falls in love with Minori Kushieda. 


School Rumble

School Rumble does an excellent job of balancing romance with comedy without letting either of the two take precedence over the other. It’s a story about Tenma and Kenji who end up finding themselves in an awkward love triangle with a strange Oji. The way things develop between the three leads to some extremely funny situations. 


Lovely Complex

Perhaps the most important and amusing element of this story is how the female leading character Risa is way, way taller than her boyfriend Atsushi. Needless to say, this is the kind of unusual difference that leads to a lot of quarreling and arguments, which eventually leads this couple to decide to help each other find the partner of their dreams. However, the more they help each other, the more they understand who their real crush really is. 



Most vampires are all about drinking blood from humans; Karin, on the other hand, has a different take of things. Instead of taking blood, she actually donates blood to those in need! Her body produces far more blood than she needs, so she decides to use it to help others. But when she starts to develop feelings for Kenta Usui, she finds her weird affliction becoming a messy problem!


Zero no Tsukaima

Bursting with comedy and genuine magic, this is the story of Louise who decides to use her powers to summon a young Japanese boy to help her out instead of summoning a creature! Well, if you know how to use magic to summon up a crush, why wouldn’t you?


Kare Kano

Kare Kano is an absolute riot of fun from the moment it gets going. It tells the romantic tale between the undoubtedly angelic and seemingly perfect student Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima who also happens to be her academic rival. She’s the envy of her classmates, but very few people know that when she’s at home, she’s actually a seriously lazy slob!


Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Here’s the iconic tale of Sagara Sousuke in an anime epic that’s weighted slightly more toward romance than comedy. Sure there’s plenty of love in there, but at the same time it suits better to those who are looking for something more serious. As an unlikely romance develops between Sousuke and Kaname Chidori, the story evolves into a touching tale of emotions. 

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  • jackDec.15 08:40
    If you are Japanese then plz somehow ask to make the full series of maid sama
  • InuKagNov.28 17:46
    Your lie in April.. <3 It's impossible not to fall in love with this anime. And it just breaks your heart when it ends.
  • AnaJun.27 00:25
    i love anime so much especially vampireslover Romance School????????
  • KpMay.28 13:35
    You should have included soa, golden time and love chunnibyo
  • FabricioMay.26 17:32
    True Tears is soo sad!!!! :´(
  • XXXXXXXXXMay.10 14:17
    Yo I loooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bluevamp159Apr.6 02:16
    Some of the Romance Anime I like: -Ouran High School Host Club This anime is about how a girl had to participate in a boys host club that hosts girls. The boys think that the girl is a boy and make her join the club to pay of the debt she owed them after breaking a valuable vase. Theme: School, Romance -Sword Art Online The name may suggest action, and so do the first couple of episodes, however, it is ideally a love story. Theme: Romance, Action -Special A Many people think of this as a good anime, however, I find it's graphic's bad. This anime is about how a girl wants to always challenge a boy to something in it ledger to prove she can beat him ; however, the boy likes her. -Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Really good anime - have to watch it Strike the Blood This is more for girls, with a female leader, though the boy is the strongest vampire alive. The girl is the boys observer and falls in love with him; he falls in love with her. Themes: Romance, Vampire Haganai This is about two people who don't have friends. A guy with unusual blond hair and a girl who is his childhood friend that he doesn't know she is. The girl creates a club for those people that don't have friends at the same time thinking to spend some quality time with her childhood friend. Other people join and it gets better and better... Theme:Romance, School If you like action + love, InuYasha is for you. InuYasha is an amazing anime ( it is the first anime I ever watched) you can watch all it's episodes on Youtube. There are also 4 movies. There may be a 5th one, but I am not sure on that. I am at this time short on anime to watch so if you have an anime that you think I would like please tell me about it. Hope you enjoy these.
  • Anakha S Nair Mar.16 08:21
    I know quite a few school romance anime Fruits basket Bokura Ga Itaa Dance with devils Hana yori dango Sugar sugar rune Cardcaptor Sakura Marmalade boy Onegai my melody Karekano Save me lollipop I me my strawberry eggs Ask Dr rin Ao haru ride Saint tail Kimi no todoke Kotoura san Itazura na kiss Say I love you Uta no prince sama Other than school romance I hav other romantic anime too Yumeiro patisserie Pretear Brave 10 Kamigami no asobi Tonari no kaibutsu kun Inutasha Wolf girl and black prince(school) Hakushaku The story of saiunkoku Good witch of the west Gakuen Alice Ashita no nadha Kamisama kiss Diabolik lovers Peach girl(school) Nagi asu a lull in the sea(school) Dazzle Brothers conflict Please teacher Beloved angel Angelique Special a ( school) Skip beat etc..........
  • CharmDec.16 14:18
    you should try SPECIAL A - - - - the best! ^^
  • ROMANCEPLZAug.18 19:44
    uh @tina good list I guess but most of these are pretty damn it should be a given for everyone new and old to anime to watch clannad and torarda (I personally hatd both too much to write in words) but I mean it's not bad I loved Zero but yeah it's not very "romantic" so to speak) Clannad and Toradora are just another one of the cute harem romances that have the main dude actually choosing a girl in the end (Thank God most of them have eponymous endings which suck but he chooses whom he loves so that's safe from the stereotype.) The maid one actually qualifies for romantic anime thanks for no peach girl though :D good anime but it's another anime that just everyone will fall upon. I say I should make an actual romance list for anime because too many lists suck. Nonetheless good job Tina especially for being a newbie on this kind of reccomendatioins job genre wise. Misty Chronexia is a good referecnce his youtube channell is better than this but he also does the mistake of mentioning childish anime harems but it's cool since these are all opinions. I am looking for more adult and notice adult literally not porn I said "ADULT" romantic anime. I find it hard to see any but I mean if anyone can link or tell me of some really good adult anime with romance inclined genre mix ups so to speak that'd be cool. I seen a lot like AH My Goddess, Mirai Nikki which barely can even count for actual romance but they both love each other throughout the run so it's good I suppose but I Mean I just want to see some more IDK romantic heavier than FMA kind of romantic anime (it's not really romantic at all but I want any anime that is like that but more roamntic inclined or just complete romance that doesn't have the typical set up of adult boy meets 5 year old looking same age as the boy girl. More like Nyan Koi but actual romance I like women with nice physique and stuff XD I am asking for near impossible but hey if anyone can recommend some good romantic anime with tsundere girl leads that are busty but actual romantic or at least have some romantic inclinations then I am happy :D
  • TinaAug.19 01:45
    @ : Thanks for your comment, it's so great to have such a honest feedback, it means a lot to me. And just like you said, I'm totally a newbie, and to be frank, I'm not crazy enough about anime so when I was compiling this list, it was SUCH a struggle cuz there are so many animes about school romance, and I kinda have to only pick 10, and people have different reviews on them, so I didn’t know which is good to include in this 10 school romance anime list, guess I made some bad choices. And if you search “Anime” on enkivillage, you’ll find most of the anime lists are my work, and I really did hope that it was someone else who knows much more about anime, like you, that who could represent a better list to all in the first place… Anyway, if you guys have better choices, just leave a comment so at least people will know what indeed to watch for, and who knows, I may replace some of the animes in this list with your choices when I am not that LAZY :D
  • shleper1995Aug.26 02:19
    @ : I liked that you chose clannad, but what about shuffle? Strawberry panic? Those are way better than kaichou wa maid sama and all the others! Well i like toradora but not as much as those 2, anyway i am sure that you are on the right direction so i hope you will watch more anime and you will understand what is a good anime and what is not, and by the way i don't agree with "romanceplz", i don't know how can he like so much zero but dislike clannad, that's impossible for me to understand. But you did a great work I'll give you that
  • DaSep.10 10:39
    @ : Paradise kiss, Nana ...pilot's love story, Yona, bokura ga ita, brake blade, my little monster, boys over flowers, strike the blood, hakushaku to Yousei, hanasakeru seishounen, you should check. Maybe some you might like
  • TinaSep.11 02:04
    @ : Sure, thanks Da!
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