Many people don't mind trying anything to improve their skin tone and remove dark spots. One of many available options is to use skinlite cream that reduces melanin production to improve the skin tone. It has steroids inside, which is why it is not considered safe for a long-term use. Keep reading to learn more about skin lite cream and some natural remedies that may produce similar effects.

What Is Skinlite Cream?

Skinlite cream is a strong and effective pigmentation reducer cream. Since it contains hydroquinone, steroid and tretinoin, it is important that you don't use it without a dermatologist's prescription. The cream works by restricting melanin production, limiting melanin transfer, and speeding skin cell turnover. The cream works quite well when used for a short time, but you may end up getting thin dry skin with acne, irritation, and visible thread veins if you keep using it for extended time. It sometimes also leads to rebound pigmentation. Therefore, you should avoid using it without an indication.

How to Use Skinlite Cream

The skin lite cream may work in your case, especially during the first few weeks, but it produces several negative effects, so it is important not to use it for a period longer than 2 months. You can also use hydroquinone with low potent steroids for good effects – you can use it for about 4 months without having to worry too much about side effects. However, it is important to understand that your skin type will also have an impact on how adverse the side effects are.

Some doctors are of the view that you should use skinlite cream at night and apply a good sunscreen in the morning for better results – you can follow this routine for about three weeks. You should, however, switch to a milder melanin reducing cream after you notice some improvement in your color and skin tone – Clearz Plus and Kojivit are a couple of good options here. The prolonged use of these creams won't produce negative effects because they usually contain vitamin C and kojic acid.

Here's how a woman used skin lite cream and receive some good results, maybe you can follow her routines:

  • Used it twice a day but only on freckles and age spots for the first couple of weeks.

  • Used it once a day (evening) only after the first couple of weeks.

  • Started noticing some improvement in her age spots after the first month of use.

  • Witnessed wonderful differences on the freckles after the first couple of months of use.

  • Now uses it once a week.

The fact of the matter is that if you're interested in using skinlite cream without having to deal with side effects, it is important that you follow your doctor's instructions. Contact your doctor immediately if you face some issues or have questions regarding its use.

Natural Ways to Relieve Dark Spots on Face

Instead of using skinlite cream or another cream with side effects, it is a good idea to try some natural remedies to relieve dark spots.

Lemon Juice

The juice contains vitamin C that has the ability to lighten the appearance of your dark spots.

How to Apply: Simply apply lemon juice on your dark spots using a cotton ball. Leave it for a few minutes or until it dries out completely. Wash it off with water. Apply it for at least a couple of weeks to notice changes. Be sure to dilute the lemon juice by adding some water to it if you have sensitive skin.


Using buttermilk is an effective way to reduce the appearance of black spots and blemishes without experiencing any burning sensation. It also contains lactic acid that will improve your skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation as well.

How to Apply: Add four teaspoons of buttermilk to a couple of teaspoons of tomato juice (fresh). Mix well for a few minutes and apply this paste directly on your blemishes and dark spots. Leave it there and wash after 15 minutes or so.


Oatmeal powder can be an effective way of improving your skin tone because it works as an exfoliating agent and helps get rid of dead skin cells.

How to Apply: Take half a cup of finely ground rolled oats and add three tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Mix them well to make a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and neck and leave for a while. Wash it off using lukewarm water after it dries completely. If you find it difficult to remove it, you may consider using a clean cloth or towel soaked in warm water to remove the mask.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another great natural remedy because it has healing properties and works amazingly well to correct dark spots and other skin blemishes.

How to Apply: Start by applying Aloe Vera juice on your black spots and dark patches. Now, use your fingertips to massage the affected areas for a few minutes. Leave it there for a while and remove with lukewarm water. Do this at least once a day for a few weeks to notice desired results.


It is a great skin-lightening agent and works exceptionally well to reduce the appearance of black spots on your face. You can rely on it to get rid of age spots and sunspots.

How to Apply: Take milk, turmeric and lemon juice in a small bowl and mix well. Once you have a smooth paste, apply it gently on your black spots and other affected areas. Leave for a few minutes and then use lukewarm water to remove the mask.


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  • sankariSep.29 08:01
    Please avoid skin lite cream very bad and many skin problem affected your skin and face hair growth increase using this cream.
  • pravalikaSep.22 15:16
    I have been using skinlite since 2014. I apply it every night before going to bed. My skin has gone through some worse stages because of using skinlite. Then I stopped using it jus for a few days...and then I had switched to No Scars which contains the same composition...but No Scars brings a faster change in the skin tone than skinlite does. And when No Scars left a red skin tone on my face I discontinued using it...after a couple of weeks I started using skinlite again...and its alright.. while using skinlite/No Scars try to avoid washing your face often...and jus pat dry the skin...and make sure your skin is not exposed to sunlight. Applying extra virgin olive oil in day-time will help us avoid side effects to some extent
  • asma anjumAug.22 00:11
    CAUTION: I Always put this comment and the post about this cream...Dont use this ever..ever i say…..sorry for such along story but have to tell this…somebody will be get some benefit from my horrible experience… let me share with you guys… was in 2011 when i first came to experience this cream…iam a engineering student and we had a tour to resort..there becoz of the cold climate i got patches on my forehead,dark circles,redness around the mouth…so when i came back to my home i was advised to see a beautician who was one of best in the town in these treatments….normally i never visit beauty parlour for any treatments other than threading,but this time becoz of my skin condition and friends advice i had to…that lady gave me a cream in bottle as sample and told me to use it just for a 1 week and see the results and then buy it again..At first i hesitated to take it since it had no name on it but assurance of this so called beautician or i should say badluck or my foolishness..I came into this beautician's words…she told me about not revealing the name becoz she needs me to test it as a sample after that she will me the name…i was bit scared but becoz of my uneven skin tone i tried it… At First..voila..My skin cleared up just in 3 days along with added benefit of lighter skin...a girl with wheatish skin tone is 3*lighter now…i was really happy and everyone started to ask me my secret…untill i used it for 6 months...but one day i went to my relative house and forgot this cream in home…i have already used it for 6 months so didnt bother much about that thinking just 2 days without cream wont harm…but no...just after 2 nights my face was much much worse...horrible black.Thought may be becoz of climate..btu to more worse..i went to gym...steam spa...there my face started going red in just 2 mins,burned, eyes started burning sensation and watery,i was really crying of the burning sensation…so i went dematologist next day and she checked my condition,took the sample cream that beautician gave me,she recognized the smell and she told me that this cream is SKINLITE..yes it that one……the derma told me all about the cream,its ingredients,side effects,how to use it(sunscreen was must,but that greedy beautician didnt even care to tell me that)and i need to stop this cream right now because it has burned my the most top layer of face and its very very sensitive now…she gave my some medicine,moisturiser,sunscreen to use and she told me she cant say whether i would get back my skin it used to be before but healing will take time…she told me how i,being educated lady,can even trust these of creams without name or didnt even bother to do research about these creams…i was so embarrass and unhappy..that night was most horrible for me…i cried so much so much…trust me…my family was very depressed of me doing this…i prayed to GOD so much….i did regret and i told myself i wont do this stupid type of thing again my life ever…my skin is ok.
  • tripti Jul.29 13:43
    Please don't use this cream.It ruined my skin.I used it on my forehead to remove some acne scar.Instead it burned that area and form a scar which looked like a wart.I used peels and laser but no results.Ultimately i had to get that area surgically removed. Kojic acid or glycolic acid creams are better options.Still seek a dermatologist before using any such cream.
  • ajay chavanJul.25 04:47
    Instead of skin lite cream, we can lighten a skin with the help of simple lemon juice mixture.This remedy has advantages to lighten a skin.And one more big advantage will occur,this remedy have permanent solution as compared to skin light.This solution don't have any side effect.This effects may create problem on our face. Thank u
  • BhimaJul.24 07:06
    Can i use to lips? My lips are too dark.
  • servjeetJun.14 17:41
    Is it good for boys or not?????? Plzzzz..... tell me....
  • sapnaMay.15 07:04
    Yes dats true dat skin light cream having steroid dats y today I'm suffering big pimples problem pls do not use this cream
  • MounikaMay.5 06:19
    I was using skin lite cream for 1 year but if I stop I'm getting black spots....suggest any other cream to control black spots
  • Krishna AhireMay.2 09:54
    Yes. Skin lite creme worked in my case but I dont use it regularly, I use it maximum to 15-20 days and then stop it for 4-5 month. I use some home remedies also which I read on some blogs like this,
  • sujiMay.11 15:08
    @ : HI Krishna Ahire.. Am using Skinlite cream for that past two days. But while applying this I hate to do . But still I want to became a fair. So do shall i continue to apply at least 15 to 20 days. Is that gives good result? for using short term
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