The United States is going through quite a bit of upheaval lately when it comes to social change. Americans are always very busy, constantly working, or focusing on entertainment as an escape, so it can be tough to sit down and simply think about the issues that we see on the nightly news. Understanding social issues in America is the first step toward a serious discussion about them. Those serious discussions, among communities and government and even the workplace, can help lead to big changes. 

Top 10 Social Issues in America

There are numerous issues that should be addressed concerning the social issues in America; however, there are some that keep popping to the top of the list whenever the conversation comes up. Here’s a basic rundown of what you need to know to start an intelligent discussion about these social issues.

Health Care

Health care reform has been at the top of the talking points for almost every politician over the last eight years, and with the recent rollout of the Healthcare Marketplace, the discussions are just getting louder. Health care for everyone is a revolutionary concept in the United States, though other countries have been doing it successfully for years. Now we are in the process of moving toward a system that promises everyone can have the care they need, but there are plenty of snags along the way altogether with those who are against the idea. 



Student loan debt has become one of the worst financial nightmares for many, and at the same time, the education they receive is sorely lacking when compared to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this is true of every educational system in the nation from preschool to college. Some states are struggling to simply keep schools open as they try to figure out where all the money has gone. From preschool to higher education, we all deserve better and we are all looking to the government for answers that don’t seem to be forthcoming anytime soon. 



The Great Recession really took a heavy toll on the country, leading to serious issues with employment, finances and even government assistance for many families that fell through the proverbial cracks. There are still issues with employment today, as companies try to cut costs and downsize their employee pool, and hard-working and qualified employees find it difficult to get a job in any profession, even those in which they are highly proficient. The problem is getting better, but the slow pace has many frustrated. 


Environment and Climate Change

Today’s world is changing fast, and Mother Nature is at the forefront. With all the massive storms that are becoming more frequent, and the record droughts and floods across the nation, there is no doubt that something has shaken up our natural world. But what can we do about it? Environmental effects must be addressed, including everything from the crumbling infrastructure of bridges and roads to the fact of climate change, and how it is affecting everything from farming to fishing. What individuals can do to help alleviate problems for the environment should also be seriously considered.



America is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. The rate of obesity has skyrocketed in recent decades and shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, Americans are dealing with the problems that are often related to obesity, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments that put a strain on the healthcare system, not to mention the pocketbooks of those who wind up in the hospital, battling the problems. The prevalence of fast food places, restaurants that serve massive portions and unhealthy foods that cost less than healthy ones only adds to the issue. 


Foreign Relations

The world is changing fast, and the United States seems to be in the middle of every conflict. Today, there is the battle against ISIS and other terrorists as well as issues with many of our allies; for instance, the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel as well as the unrest in Syria. With the Ebola outbreak that threatens to sweep the world, which is added into the humanitarian problems, foreign relations are definitely a must-address issue that is facing our nation today.


Illegal Immigration

Those who cross the border legally are welcome, but those who choose to come across illegally are often stuck in a kind of limbo in which nobody wins. Illegal immigration puts a serious strain on our social services, especially when those immigrants happen to be children who find themselves stuck between two worlds. The political spectrum is blazing with solutions to the problem, from building fences around the country to simply allowing an easier way for those immigrants to come here legally. 


Equality Between Men and Women

It seems like this issue should have been put to rest long ago, but it still comes up and still makes big waves. From women in the workplace making less than men to the problems of men wanting to take time off for parenting but finding that their traditional roles hold them in a place that frustrates them, there are problems on both sides of the gender. Add in the problems with violence against women and the backlash against men, even those who do not deserve it, and you have a discussion just waiting to happen. 


Discrimination and Racism

It seems like this issue should have gotten better, but if anything, it has gotten worse. Racism flares up quite a bit lately, especially in terms of people of color, in what might be anything from simple misunderstandings to true corruption. Places like Ferguson, Missouri and Florida are hotbeds of the problem. Discrimination doesn’t just stop with color, it extends to religious beliefs, such as the backlash against Muslims in the country, as well as sexual preference as seen with numerous incidents of gay and lesbian couples facing social problems and even violence. 


Individual Liberty vs. Government Control

Our freedoms are a hot-button issue these days, especially in regards to two points: the second amendment which allows the right to carry weapons, and the issues of gay marriage and whether it should be allowed. Government control is also a serious sticking point for many, especially in the wake of revelations by Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who made it clear just how invasive government surveillance of everyday citizens has become. Add in the problems of a “do-nothing” congress, and we are seeing political upheaval along every party line. 


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  • MaRiFeb.3 03:19
    I'm glad that there are people who question the government's actions and who have preserved the moral values. Me too, I wonder why the Christian communities (and not only Christians) don't take actions. It looks like we accept everything that's imposed on us and keep quiet. People trust the government and their leaders too much but there will be a moment when it will be too late. And who can be blamed? Only ourselves.
  • pen of truthDec.24 18:19
    I don't know where the silence came from but the Christian community those who believe in the true doctrine need to stand up and start fighting God said we are as lambs led to the slaughter well that's not literal something isn't done so you're going to find your kids in homosexual relationships bilingual Kid biracial kids are going to find themselves in a hole so deep Satan won't be able to find them stand up Christians where's your backbone what happened to he who is in me is greater than he who can be against me the way I was brought up in morality murder and leaders who are leading us away from the truth has no rights right..... whatever it is is all around from the pen of truth
  • lukasApr.22 02:06
    @ : Are you drunk? Learn how to structure your sentences so that they are at least readable.
  • pjDec.24 00:40
    The prob the problem lies with the lack of values the values that once shaped this nation have been turned over to the Sodom and Gomorrah types I'm sorry but there is no life in homosexuality and there is no life and lesbianism there is no life and transgender sex changes giving into these cultural changes is the government's fault when they take God out of a capital and replace it with a crazy ass gay celebration PO well all the government parties involved need to shove that pole up there ass getting into these call troy changes is mint fault when I take godaddy and replace it with a crazy ass gary celebration paul all the government parties involved need it photoshop up your ass
  • JumpApr.19 14:53
    @ : The problem is not the gays it's the ignorant good for nothing waste of space scum of the earth trash bin of a human being people like you... What have the gays done other than give you some of the worlds most popular singers... Freddie Murcury/ Bruno Marz/ Elton John/ & Even Tony Jackson...
  • likuanOct.20 02:58
    very good!
  • D.E. SheSep.26 04:39
    These issues are what the media want us to believe are the issues. These problems we as Americans are the result of our own doing. There are many very REAL issues in America yet the root of these issues come from the home first before they are any of the stated issues above. Our parents parents resented the tight controls of the home. Those young Americans did not want to be seen and not herd. Those Americans did not want to continue to be spanked, yelled at, or forced to be their best. It was back when our parents parents grew up that they went about their ultimate rebellion by doing everything they knew not to do as their way of raising families, living life, and being their own person. Things in the home began to loosen up, rules began to relax, and social life started the great downfall. We as a society could have maintained that solid family structure without the same physical parenting that was once in the home yet we decided to take the easy road out and just give up parenting altogether. Now we have counselors for family reform programs that do not even have kids or families. We live in a state of no clear direction and even worse no major force in our population of 400 million Americans doing anything to truly fix these issues. We are a society that will complain and yell and cry and argue about our problems yet when someone truly gives them the truth about these problems no one stands up and puts forth the effort to change. Those in power see these days of confusion and misdirection as opportunities to take advantage of the common citizen and we allow it to continue. In time we are going to implode, it will not be an invasion but rather a national divide where there will be no return back to the land of the free, home of the brave. This nation built by determination from a collection of people who ran from a kings rule will soon become a society of war that will be no better than that of current corrupted warring nations in other parts of the globe. In no way shape or form should unemployment be this high, homelessness this out of control, education this far behind the learning curve, nor should we be hated by so many nations around the globe. America the great is no more, land of the free has been dead for 25 years, home of the brave was lost when we began invading nations under false pretense.
  • PenelopeSep.28 03:06
    @ : I agree with you, not all of them though... The biggest problem is the politics, the goverment, yet people seem to have no interests in it cuz they have no power to change anything, and those who have a position in there only care about their own good. There's no great politician for this, and even maybe next generation. And people, our people, they like dreaming, they like sleep in their beautiful bubble and refuse to get out of it, so even they are aware of some of problems, they just find excuses and do nothing, since it's so easy to just dream, however, making a change is too hard and needs too much efforts, who would like to waste time on that, not to mention some danger comes along with it probably... I can't help thinking if we still do nothing about our issues, in a few decades of time, there'll be chaos and wars everywhere around the globe, turning this world into a real hell...
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