Generally cell phone service providers gives 2 types of data packs, 2G and 3G. There 2G packs are cheap but 3G are so expensive. Here is a trick that can change 2G data balance into 3G data balance. I have tested this in Reliance India mobile, but I think this trick can work in other service providers too.



Step 1

Recharge by a 2G large size data pack with a sufficient validity that is sufficient to use by you. For example I have recharged my reliance GSM network phone with 5GB 2G data that was having validity of 30 days.


Step 2

Now recharge with a cheapest 3G pack that is having a sufficient validity. For example I have recharged my reliance GSM network phone with 300MB that was having validity of 30 days. When you will use this 3G data, after finishing this your existing 2G data will also behave as 3G data. And you will be able to use your 2G data as 3G until validity of 3G pack will have not expired.



  • You should use HSPA/3G mode to use 3G speed.

  • There is no working guarantee of this trick, should try with less amount packs

  • Comment here if you have tested the trick.

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  • Vikky RanjanFeb.27 06:07
    My whole 2g data exhausted in 1 days.
  • Vikky RanjanFeb.27 06:06
    I done what you had said that I had 10 gb 2g data for 28 days but after doing a 3g recharge of 123 RS. that gives me 500 mb 3g .The 3g validity is become 38 days but my 2g data validity end on the same day when I done my 3g recharge.
  • mkDec.18 08:58
    it changes the data into 3g for 1day only ...then 2g also ends
  • SjNov.27 07:07
    But when i recharged for unlimited 2g for 30days and then i recharged 1gb 3g for 30days validity..... After using one gb my whole 2g pack was nullified or i can say that it my 2g balance was deducted ????????????????????
  • VishalOct.31 15:37
    But after doing a3g recharge the validity of 2g becomes of 1 day then what......
  • MangilalSaraswatNov.6 20:40
    @ : I have forgotten to mention this point in my article, thank you for this comment. Since we see that 2G will work according 3G pack using this trick, we should use a cheap long validity 3G pack so we will able to use the 2G in 3G speed for the long validity.
  • MangilalSaraswatNov.6 20:45
    @ : This can happen only if your 3G data pack has 1 day validity. So try to get a cheap long validity & small data 3G pack.
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