Usually, a bit torrent client will automatically seed after the download is finished as this will help other users to accelerate their downloading speed. But sometimes you may need to stop the seeding for some reason, then you can take the procedures below.

Steps - How to Stop Seeding After Download in uTorrent


Open uTorrent.


Click on the "Option" menu.


Select "Preference" in the "Option" menu.


Select "Queueing" category at the left side of the preferences window.


Tick the box "Limit the upload rate to (KB/s)" and make sure all the number framed in the picture is "0".


Click on the button "OK" to save the configuration. Now uTorrent will automatically stop seeding after download is finished.


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  • KanyeWest69Jun.21 01:33
    Not everyone lives in a country with huge bandwidth. I currently live with a 100gb a month cap. Don't simply hate on someone because you don't understand their circumstances. People provide torrents for a reason, to help those out in lesser circumstances.
  • Devil's AdvocateOct.30 09:33
    Taking devil's advocate here: Please don't do this. Your ability to download quickly relies on people seeding. If you don't seed, you're stopping other people from downloading quickly as well.
  • if you only want to stop certain torrents these instructions are not for you. to apply these to individual torrents follow the following directions right click on a torrent you dont want to seed click properties in seeding goal check override default settings set all 3 boxes to 0 (percentage, time, and minimum available seeds) press ok
  • sigmaphiJul.28 21:13
    Thanks for the tip
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