Are you satisfied with your mail address? Many people want to change their mail address as it might not be formal enough for specific uses like business or job-hunting. However, the mail address cannot be switched in most mail service provider. So you may register for a new account with an ideal address in Yahoo mail which is both powerful and convenient to use. Here are the steps on how to open a new account in Yahoo mail.

Steps - How to Open New Account in Yahoo Mail


Open your browser, visit "".


Click on the button "Create New Account", and fill out the needed information (except "Optional recovery number"). There are some requirements on email address and password, you must follow the requirements for further steps.


Then you'll see the welcome screen and your browser will jump to the main page of mails automatically.


Select a theme you like and now you can use your new mail address.


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  • sjhallOct.10 16:47
    This is not working for me
  • KirtiFeb.24 10:27
    This is not working for bad
  • AyubAug.8 19:53
    I like new yahoo email
  • NatalieJun.28 04:45
    This is not working for me
  • amaniJun.4 23:40
    When i followed the steps to create my acccount , I found that my country code number (sudan) is not included. So I failed to create one.
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